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Is storing Your Data On The Cloud 100% Safe?

Cloud is a kind of server that can be accessed anytime and anywhere on the internet. The software and all other databases are also available along with it. To access these, it requires cloud servers in different parts of the world. And finally, using cloud computing, users from anywhere can access their data in any digital device they like. And if they wish to extend their storage without investing in it, uptobox premium accounts 2020 can help doing the same. This acts exactly like the clouded sky. Here the air acts as a platform to get the data quickly from any part of the world. 


While the cloud acts as the data, and this data can be used whenever the user needs it. Till then, the cloud keeps the data safe. Today we have apps like google drive, dropbox, and so on. 

Technology has advanced so well that it still seems like magic to all of us. In today’s world, even if we lose our phone, laptop, or any electric device, only the storage is assured back. 


It is because all the data and accounts are saved. That’s the reason data could be retrieved again. And data is more critical in today’s world of advanced technology. People mainly store their data, documents, photo, and video so that it can be easily accessed and shared with anyone via the internet if there are no privacy issues. Many companies and start-ups have also started using this to store data. Looking closely, it is also the right economical way for new companies. This can also be called virtual storage space.


It works with the help of a data server in the middle of the whole process. It connects both the user and the sender through the help of the internet. Once the sender has sent the data, this data can only be accessed with the help of the web-based interface. Some people mostly have an inner fear in the safety of the data. But, cloud storage is more like a personal hard drive. If taken necessary safety precautions, then it is 100% safe. 


Today, for everything, precautions are chosen, not just in case of storing data in the cloud. Such basic precautions are necessary in this case too. The advantage of cloud storage and usage overpowers the risk involved; people started using this widely across the world. Now, cloud storage is standard everywhere. Some of the necessary precaution steps to be taken are as follows:-

  • Effective Passwords – 

Today, passwords have been an integral part of our digital world. Even to access our accounts, passwords are necessary. Likewise, access to anything important needs proper security. A hard password can assure safety for the data. Make it possibly unique and something not predictive. 


Try to keep different passwords and codes to a different platform. There are two-step verification facilities that come along with it to try to prevent such features, so the user gets an idea who is accessing it.

  • Sensitive Information – 

Make sure the content of the data inside is not confidential. And make sure that essential contents like information of bank accounts, credit card/ debit card, and so on are not saved in cloud storage. If it gets into the wrong hands, it might land into trouble. Maximum try not to keep such information. Data leakage can cause significant problems that may land us in debts and prisons.

  • Back-Up – 

It is always safe to have a backup. Life is still unpredictable, and so to have a counter plan saves us always. The data should be stored somewhere else, too, with security so that even if it messes up, the problem can be solved. 


Keep copies of each data so work can be resumed or retrieved at any time. Mostly, an external storage device is advisable for backup because, through the internet, it cannot be reassessed.


  • Encrypt The Data- 

It is necessary to use this feature when information is sent through the internet. Only the sender and receiver are acknowledged about the data in this. The end to end encrypted data cannot be interrupted by a third person. It is usually done so that no hackers can come in between. 


Today, there are a lot of hackers out there to steal the data and make money, so features like this ensure the data is handed over to the right person. People usually keep a password between both the sender and receiver, and no one else is aware of this password so that it is safe.


  • Always Read User Agreement – 

While logging to anything related to technology, they provide us terms and agreements. Most of us ignore it or agree to it without even reading it correctly. But, it is essential to read it carefully and understand it and act accordingly. Otherwise, it may be unnoticed, and data leakage may happen even without our knowledge.


  • Appoint Ethical Hackers – 

It is mainly required when it has to be dealing with company data. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of hackers out there in search of loopholes. Such loopholes can be closed with ethical hackers


Security is not guaranteed anywhere in the world, not even for our own lives. So, there are risks involved in everything we do; it is inevitable. Thus, the necessary security measures are the only ways to ensure our security. 


The methods, as mentioned earlier, help to secure the cloud data to one extent. Always keep a track or follow in updating the security. In this world where people even pay for safety, the assurance is not total 100%, but it can be if taken precautions.



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