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The game has attractive scary graphics

Help this character secure his wheelchair!
Have you ever played a wheelchair game that takes the patient through dangerous traps? It sounds crazy but this game is really fun. Neither of them, not their wheels, will be very happy as they try to make their way through everything from crates and giant voids to deadly assassins and giant fists! Will you reach the finish line while playing through the absolutely insane levels that await you in this intense platform game? If you try out the full version of happy wheels unblocked, you can even design the levels yourself! What scary tracks would you like to share with other players from around the world? Let your imagination run wild while you come up with tons of messy situations in this creative bike game! The goal of each race in happy wheels unblocked is to finish without getting seriously injured. Players will encounter every obstacle imaginable in levels designed by new and expert game designers from around the world.

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