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Meghan Markle 5 Reasons Why We Love Her

She no Megan Fox who goes by the dashy looks every so often, but surely a retired American actress. An elegant woman who has won the heart of our childhood crush heart, Prince Harry. She’s always been a dedicated lady whenever it comes to overlook oneself for the sake of others. She’s that one “one of a kind” young female who has positively won hearts of millions of people across the globe. Since an Avenger fan for a long time – when Iron Man came out in 2008 and reached to Box Office fame, I’ll be more than delighted she gets an honorary outerwear from hjackets.com

Meghan is a decent middle-aged woman inside and out and prospers with authentic feelings rather than going with her British First-Family Princess ceremonial dress. And that’s why we’re presenting you the five reasons we love her so much.

Meghan Markle is more ‘Humanitarian than “Her Majesty”

A UK duchess – a UN women advocate and Canada’s World Vision Global Ambassador – the answer is in affirmative. Moreover, she has also visited less privileged African countries as well. To be honest, she might be one of the very first young queen-to-be princesses who has that philanthropist nature in her blood. She’s a great woman and never has used her imperial powers to dominate others. Besides, she’s a true-to-the-heart feminist as well as working hard for the future of women.

Meghan is a Selfless Individual – A non-narcissistic Lady

She has never spoken of how elegant she looks or how stunningly she dresses like a duchess, nor she’s never belittling anyone how lucky she has been after marrying Harry. She’s always been seen as a compassionate lady always having that genuine grace gleaming on her face.

Meghan Markle has proven to be a miracle lady approving her very own originality. To the extents that people (especially females) have fallen in love with her tanned freckled face, always staying in high spirits.

Meghan Markle is Elegant in every “good way” we could Imagine

She’s never been too much into becoming that beauty prestige that every head of the State lady dreams for. Besides, she’s always busy in contributing and campaigning for gender equality and keeps all those parlor facials, facelifts, and prettified designer dresses as a second option.

She’s a cool-tempered woman who has brought about a genuine humane endorsement to UK’s most popular people and “Vatican City’s Pope” favorite family. She never snootily statures and symbolizes about her royalty, but she’s much about reality and how it goes all-around to make one looping circle of “As you sow, so shall you reap” philosophy. Meghan loves to face reality in the face and never leaves her humanity behind when she’s roaming and reveling with her husband or the UK’s Royal family and relationships.

A socially connected Princess – Meghan is a genuine Royal-Blood Duchess

Meghan has been appraised by Amanda McKelvey, a social media strategist stating that she remains true to herself even after getting so much popularity, fame, and attention by the people and press around her. She’s just a much better and beautiful human from the inside, that’s it!

The extremely elegant and kind by the heart British Duchess has always shined on Social Media platforms like Instagram and Twitter with her ‘regular UK citizenship’ decency. She’s always making little jokes that don’t hurt but bring giggles on everyone’s face. The best thing she does online is that she keeps motivating everybody to give their best fights to life when they’re feeling low.

Meghan Markle loves Dogs and is a Foodie

She’s just a simple lady fond of food and dogs and love to be beside any one of the two at all times. She has great taste when it comes to food. She just dreams of desserts and relishes ice cream. But when it comes to the main course, Markle likes fish-based meals, such as sashimi poke bowls and sushi rolls. When it comes to a dog, you can’t just get let go of your looks off of her face. She really enjoys being around doggies. All I can say that she is kind even when she’s from the Royals.


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