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Modern Website Design In 2020

What Are The Latest Website Design Trends?

When comparing two websites, one made in 2008 and the other is 2018, it’s very easy to see how many trends in website design are changing. The difference will be slightly less visible when we combine a website created in 2017 with the one created a year later. 

However, even over such a short period of time, we can see in which direction the page design industry is going and how trends are changing. Leaving 2018 behind, it’s time to think about what are the latest ideas for modern websites in 2020?

New Year under the sign of minimalistic websites

Minimalism is paradoxically a big word, at least in the context of the sites that will reign in 2020. If you have recently come across sites based on black and white, with subtle graphics and a limited number of content, we can ensure that there will be even more of them. The web design industry has recently reached the point where the created pages were saturated with countless photos, interactive elements, and other functionalities, all aimed at attracting the attention of the visitor.

Analyzing our clients’ websites, we have noticed that a simple, clear message is much stronger than a page on which there are too many unnecessary elements that distract the internet user. In a world where everyone is fighting for the customer’s attention, we need to find a way to reach them in a few words before being flooded with information from other sources. Sometimes one phrase, one graphic symbol can stick to the memory more than a multi-page, extensive text offer.

No more flash websites

Although designers have been moving away from using flash technology for several years, it still happened that it was used, for example, to place background music on a website or introduce an advanced photo gallery module. Modern websites created in 2020 will be completely deprived of this technology, and the main reason is the load on the server, extending the loading time of the site and a negative impact on search engine ranking.

Information transparency first

Until now, many business owners have adhered to the principle that they put general information on the website, and provide details of the offer and price list only after contact by the customer. 

Today we know that this method is inadequate to the present time. If an Internet user hits a modern website in 2020 and does not find what he is looking for, within a few seconds he will find another website that will provide him with all the information.

When designing a new website, we encourage you to publish all the details in a transparent form so that they are noticeable at the first visit of a potential customer. Otherwise, we will quickly notice in analytical tools how the bounce rate increases – as part of the explanation, it is a parameter that determines what percentage of Internet users close a website without entering specific sub-pages. This is a particularly important indicator because it gives us a signal that the visitor was not interested enough to delve into other parts of the site except the main page.

User Experience over a graphic design

For several years, interactive agencies placed great emphasis on the graphic design of a modern website. At that time, attractive design fulfilled its task, which was to attract attention and direct it to specific sales information. 

Today, however, User Experience is becoming more important, i.e. all activities related to user behavior on the site. Monitoring where the visitor falls, where he usually clicks the mouse or how fast he scrolls the page, is crucial in optimizing the page for efficiency.

2020 is the last bell for all interactive agencies that have not yet paid attention to the issue of UX. It is high time to explore this topic and then implement the acquired knowledge into everyday work to create modern websites that meet current trends and fully use the potential of visitors’ interest.

Sumiya Sha is the author of the Reliefseeker. She tried out lots to help the people who need medical care. Now, she created a website to spread medical knowledge. she writes on Online Therapy, telemedicine etc. she has given the review for most of the best Telehealth techniques that she tried out. She encourages her readers to share their ideas and information too about that.

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