Mehndi with beautiful design loved by every women.wedding season is coming and every wedding is incomplete without mehndi.Its glamour and color  makes every women crazy.In wedding season different rituals occurs.In all these mehndi ceremony is one of the favorite function  of all.This function is full of fun ,dance,song .It is one of the favorite best  oldest wedding traditions.So i am trying to tell you about the most demanding bridal mehndi for beautiful brides.

This tradition day by day become more innovative and decorative and people becoming day by day more creative. During the season brides and their family members always busy to search cloths jewelry and different wear for their rituals.Every bride want to look best among the crowd.Her dress up,looks and beauty looks more gorgeous when mehndi of her hands and its color become more dark and beautiful.

Mehendi designs especially bridal mehendi looks so beautiful but it is to difficult to decorate on the hands.Some people are specialized for mehndi decorating.But  during wedding  season it is not necessary  that every time one can found  specialized  person for mehndi decoration so  many of them,themselves want to create design on their hands but the problem is from where they can found the design and which type of bridal design they select.

So here i am trying to help you about different types of bridal mehndi design.


Flowers are always favorite of every women and when it is decorated in hands it gives fabulous look.Tiny leaves on the fingers with different shades of really looks awesome.With petals and flowers with different size looks delicate. according to Indian mythology flowers are the symbol of joy and happiness and small buds are the symbol of new beginning. Flowers tells bout the grace ,significance,purity and beauty.It is found that lotus flower is said the symbol of god which gives the mehndi design a religion significance.It gives the mehndi a innovative look.


This is the most favorite mehndi of all the bridal designs curve and swirly pattern gives different flair to the design and make the hand and feet most decorative of all.In this pattern their is no gaping no blank spaces are left .It is too thin and too dense. It take too much time in decoration. But once it decorated it gives fabulous look.


Peacock mehndi pattern is really impressive and favorite among all.It elaborated feather can be easily incorporated and easily magnify with any other pattern.It grace and beauty is really unbeatable. Peacock long neck and feather beauty is really impressive.This pattern of mehndi is really old and traditional but always favorite of every women in every occasion.


Mehndi design sometimes become more beautiful when made asymmetrical  with some symmetrical pattern.the beauty become more graceful when  vine designs and floral patterns made in different pattern.Leaves and petal of flowers ,head of peacock and its feather elaborated on the hands gives a beautiful experience, this pattern design are totally different from each other only some dots and curves are repeated. Design of wrist and and fingers re totally different.


In growing era the pattern and style of every rituals changes and improves  thus the mehndi style and its significance for the people also changes .Simple traditional style of mehndi get change  into glittery style which really awesome.it become more interesting and more beautiful and alluring.This design when decorated on the hands of the bride become more elaborated and adequate adornment for the hands and feet  of the bride.In this pattern glitter is used with beautiful  colored stones. Sometims it gives matching with dress and give the grace to bride.


Twisted mehndi pattern is really awesome and eye catching.This pattern is made in such a way that it highlights the jewelry and nail pattern of the bride .It can be incorporated  easily with any other bridal pattern.


Very common pattern of raja rani in mehndi design from the ancient era and favorite of all.This design is started from mughal era and become favorite and used in any religion.In this pattern raja resembles the groom and rani resembles the bride.The two faces  are made in such a way that their focal point stand out. Raja Rani mean new ggings of life their love affection and co-oporation of two love with each other.


It is the central focus the henna design on the hands of the bride.Split mandala means half circle made on one hands and half circle made on the other hands facing both the circle towards each other.This is symmetrically designed and take less time to draw and look beautiful thus most demanding mehndi pattern.

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