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Parenting a toddler in the middle of a pandemic

Even at the best of circumstances, learning the ways as a new parent can be daunting. However, if you’ve welcomed a recent arrival to your family, keeping your infant safe and stable in the middle of a global health pandemic can make your day-to-day feel even more challenging.

COVID-19 has created a daunting modern world for new moms, from watching the pediatrician on a tablet rather than in person, to securing the milk and wipes you need when everyone else is hoarding supplies, it can get overwhelming sometimes. So we have few tips to help you navigate through these difficult times

Go for online consultations and don’t skip on your regular medical visits:

Your pediatrician will counsel you about whether or not you can choose to carry your child in for their routine well visits. In light of the current environment, some doctors are opting for virtual visits via Skype, Zoom, or another platform, even for infants.A video consultation is preferable to a phone call because it helps the practitioner to observe the relationship between the parents and the infant, ask questions, and determine any breastfeeding difficulties if necessary.However, if the pediatrician notices something troubling on screen, such as a breathing condition, they would arrange a more detailed in-office follow-up. Otherwise, they may use subsequent video check-ins to record issues like diaper rash, nursing, and/or forceful throwing up.

Schedule your vaccination dates with the paediatrician:

And if your well-visits are already done online, you’ll still also need to take your baby to the doctor’s office for vaccinations. It’s normally not a good idea to put them off because the timing is crucial in protecting them from infections.

Certain vaccination appointments will need to be postponed due to the present level of risk
especially with a baby born prematurely or with health conditions, it’s best if you discuss with your paediatrician and plan the schedule according to the current scenario.

Stay in and enjoy your time with your baby:
Now is the time to lean in and enjoy some extra snuggle time while being at home and healthy. When you need to get away, take solo walks with your baby in the fresh air, keeping a six-foot radius from other people. They are also beneficial to your mental health. Doctors say that your baby will be safe because they will be in their stroller wrapped in a soft muslin cloth and will not come into contact with any surfaces. However, it’s safest to stop taking your kid to the grocery store or hospital unless there is an emergency. It’ll be more difficult to keep a safe distance from other people in a public space.

If you’re in desperate need of parent-to-parent contact, see if any existing parent organizations in your area have switched to online meetings. Parents can also join Facebook communities to discuss organic baby clothes and many more.

Stock up on essentials but don’t overload them:

New parents around the country may be experiencing shortages of essential items such as diapers, wipes, and formula. This is particularly problematic for families who depend on specific allergen-friendly formula variations or who cannot afford to stock up on a large number of ingredients at once.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a shop or on the internet, consider contacting the retailer or manufacturer directly. They could have more in stock and will give it to you right away. If you’re in a hurry, ask your pediatrician’s office if they have any additional samples or if there’s another brand that will fit on your baby temporarily.

We hope this helps you through these difficult times, Happy parenting!


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