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Perfect push-ups :killer result for chest,Triceps and abs

We all love workouts. but are we doing it properly , this question arises to everyone’s mind. especially because it’s such a simple body movement. the basic fundamentals for push ups are lay down in plank position tat you keep in mind every time.

A pushup isn’t just a chest exercise. It’s a position of full body tension (or it should be). So start in a good plank: shoulders squeezed, glutes tight, abs tight. and there are many styles of push ups variations and every style have its own benefits.  now in my video i will show different version of push ups using a straight rod. from both sides you have to hold the rod and only a single side you have to put on surface and one side hold the end of the rod in air. you have to hold the rod in such a way that your plank position will hold the rod weight and on same time your rod will help to make pushps as shown in my video below.


The best regression for pushups isn’t knees on the ground. We see that a lot—and then we see people to struggle to evolve to the full pushup. That’s because you’re not training your glutes and core to properly stabilize. in this kind of variation you have to properly engage your all body parts . your chest,shoulders ,abs ,triceps,

Benefits of this Push ups variation

It will engage all your body parts especially your shoulders, chest, triceps, abs ,glutes . So you understand how you can get benefits from a single workout for multiple muscles. so i always prefer workouts which will benefit multiple muscles in a single workout.

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