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Procedure Of Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The charm of a Blue sapphire gemstone is truly one of nature’s wonders. Its intriguing deep blue hue has an uncanny ability to enchant hearts and evoke a sense of wonder that transcends generations. However, this gem’s significance goes far beyond its striking beauty; a blue sapphire is steeped in astrological lore believed to bring good fortune, wisdom, and inner peace to those who embrace it. If you’re contemplating the idea of wearing a blue sapphire gemstone, it’s vital to comprehend the intricate procedure involved in unlocking its potential benefits.

Finding the Right Blue Sapphire

The first and most pivotal step in embracing a blue sapphire gemstone is to discover the perfect gem. Authenticity and quality are paramount. Here are the key factors to consider when in pursuit of your ideal blue sapphire, factors that impact not only its value but also the Blue Sapphire price and Blue Sapphire price in India

1. Certification: Seek a certificate of authenticity from a reputable gemological laboratory. This certificate is a testament to the gem’s origin, quality, and legitimacy, aspects that significantly influence the Blue Sapphire stone price and Blue Sapphire stone price in India.

2. Color: The quintessential blue sapphire gemstone flaunts a vibrant, consistent blue hue. Avoid gems with irregular coloration or blemishes, which may substantially affect the Blue Sapphire stone price and Blue Sapphire stone price in India.

3. Clarity: A top-tier blue sapphire exhibits minimal inclusions or imperfections, showcasing impeccable clarity that adds to its desirability and overall value.

4. Cut: A well-executed cut can elevate the brilliance and aesthetics of your blue sapphire gemstone, potentially affecting its Neelam stone price.

5. Carat Weight: Blue sapphires come in a range of sizes. Your choice should align with your budget and personal preference, impacting both the Blue Sapphire price and the Neelam stone price in India.

The Procedure of Wearing Blue Sapphire

Once you’ve secured the perfect blue sapphire gemstone, it’s time to navigate the intricate procedure of embracing it. To fully harness its potential benefits, follow these steps:

1. Consult an Astrologer: Prior to adorning a blue sapphire gemstone, consult a seasoned astrologer. They will analyze your birth chart and determine if the gemstone is compatible with your celestial arrangement. Only some people are advised to wear blue sapphire, as its influence may not harmonize with certain zodiac signs. The guidance of an astrologer is paramount when contemplating the decision to buy Neelam stone or buy blue sapphire.

2. Choosing the Right Metal: Traditionally, blue sapphires are set in either gold or silver. Rely on your astrologer’s counsel to select the metal that aligns with your birth chart, a choice that may influence the Neelam stone price and Blue Sapphire price.

3. Day and Time: The propitious moment to don a blue sapphire gemstone typically falls on a Saturday, during the Shukla Paksha (waxing moon), in the Pushya Nakshatra. Embracing the gem during this auspicious window is believed to optimize its positive effects. This factor can impact the Blue Sapphire price.

4. Activation: Prior to wearing the blue sapphire gemstone, it should undergo a purification and energization process involving the repetition of the “Om Shan Shanaishcharaye Namah” mantra at least 108 times. This activation is believed to enhance the gem’s positive attributes. It may be a consideration when evaluating the Blue Sapphire stone price.

5. Setting the Gem: The blue sapphire gemstone should be meticulously set in a ring to be worn on the middle finger of your right hand. It’s imperative to ensure that the gemstone has direct contact with your skin. This detail can influence both the Blue Sapphire price in India and the Neelam stone price in India.

6. Caring for Your Gem: Like all precious gemstones, blue sapphires require diligent care. Regular cleaning with a soft brush and mild, soapy water is essential to maintain their luster. Proper care can preserve the gem’s beauty and extend its longevity, affecting the Blue Sapphire stone price in India and the Neelam stone price in India.


Wearing a blue sapphire gemstone is a deeply personal and spiritually enriching experience. By diligently adhering to the prescribed procedure and seeking the guidance of a seasoned astrologer, you can embark on this journey with a profound sense of purpose and faith. Whether you are drawn to blue sapphire for its astrological significance or simply its resplendent beauty, the journey of acquiring and wearing this gem is bound to be a remarkable and transformative one, inevitably influencing the Blue Sapphire price and the Neelam stone price.

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