Cosmetics have best role in life of a women.It has been found that a women is incomplete without makeup.Makeup contain many product out of which lipstick is one of the product which gives 70% beauty to a women face.thus show classy lips with top 5 lipstick brands. Lips is found to be the sexiest part of the body and when it  has combination with gloss,balm ,stick make anyone to come at their knee and feel love for you.

It has been found that their is a great bond between a women and lipstick from the ancient time.

Lipstick is mood lifter and make women attractive to men.

Many lipstick brands are available in the market.one can choose quality lipsticks from their nearest cosmetic shop,but their is some problem regarding original brand and fake brands.fake brands corroded the women’s lips by making them chip and turning them black.

So this article is going to solve your problem by telling you the top brands of the lipstick  and their texture which protect your lips and make then glossy.




Top lipstick brand name-:

                       1.Estee lauder

Product specification-

  • It is world famous brand for lipstick.
  • Have prestigious fragrances
  • It gives awesome look to female personality
  • It is a New York brand
  • Comes in various shades
  • ☆3 Long lasting
  • Provide pure colour
  • Effective for both young and mature females.
  • Protect lips from breakage and becoming black.
  • Keep lips moisturized and hydrated throughout the day
  • Lip line can be improved and the pigment colour gives lips a glossy and elegant shade.

price -(30$-50$)



2.Dolce and Gabbana

product specification-

  • Italian brand
  • Texture is very smooth and soft
  • Content which is used is very creamy and sophisticated.
  • When it is applied on the lips,it gives bright and gorgeous look.
  • Long lasting, high coverage and transfer proof
  • Hydrate the lips and prevent from breakage.
  • Gives bold effect,and gives women fuller lips that are stunning and attractive




Product specification-

  • Famous brand all over the world
  • It is very expensive to buy
  • Mac brand itself offers best quality ever.
  • It is always the first preference of celebrities.
  • Colours are available from light shade to dark shade
  • Its texture &smoothness doesn’t need any persons’s description
  • Its cap provide complete protection to the lipstick as it is made of leather and is too soft.
  • It is too smooth that you can’t ever feel it on
  • Customer always likes it’s pigmentation and huge shade range
  • Long lasting,matte finish gives awesome look.




Product specification-

  • This product is mostly seen in the hands of celebrities
  • So with only this reason we can understand its quality .
  • The casing and structure of the lipstick makes lipstick very expensive
  • Available in different shades
  • It texture mostly include natural material and vitamins which protect the lips from damage.
  • This lipstick is available in 32 shades
  • Each colour has its own beauty
  • Silky and romantic texture
  • Long lasting ,moisture the lips up to 18 hour.
  • Women who are more engage with fashion prefer this brand.





Product specification-

  • It gives luxurious appearance
  • Texture is  divine,creamy,smooth,and give the lips complete hydration
  • It gives natural and smooth finishing
  • Light weighted lipstick always easy applicable
  • Long lasting up to 24 hour
  • It contain some vitamin supplement which moisturizes the lips all the time
  • If you prefer to have healthy and beautiful lips then this is one you have been searching for.




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