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Six Best Credit Card Apps For iOS


Carrying money is not the style of this modern age. The new generation believes in handling all the things with ease and doing them quickly. Credit cards are a prominent example of this. They have made the transactions hassle-free and very much faster. If you do not have a credit card you are missing out on saving your time, you can immediately curb yourself from doing so by creditcardgenerator.one.  Due to this, a substantial increase is observed in the usage of credit cards, which furthermore paved the way for credit card apps to provide something out of the box. 


There are a lot of credit card apps available for iOS. Out of them, here are the best six apps which not only fulfil the users’ expectations but also ensure to satisfy the needs of the modern generation. Moreover, these apps are the top-rated apps by experts:

1. The Amex App

The Amex app by American Express is the most popular and customer-friendly credit card app. Ranked #1 in the J.D. Power’s 2018 U.S. Credit Card App Satisfaction Study, this app has something extra which other apps might be lacking. The latest version has come up with some exciting features that can be very much useful for all its customers.


You can get a real-time transaction activity timeline to track all the recent transactions performed. You can also get a map that can show the Amex offers available and provide on-the-spot fraud alerts and notifications. The app provides you with the Touch ID, Face ID, and further 3D Touch login facility to help you in getting quick access to all the features and the best of your Membership with American Express.


In case you hold the Platinum card from the American Express, then you are eligible for additional exciting features such as the facility to search for airport lounges and the latest restaurant booking feature.

2. The Discover Mobile App

Discover mobile app, developed by the Discover company, is another top pick for iOS users. This app helps you in maintaining credit card activities effectively. You can manage your bank accounts also and keep an eye on all of your bank transactions. The app also makes use of the Touch ID and Face ID, so getting logged in becomes fast, secure, and comfortable. 


The app shows you all the detailed information about the bank statements, recent activities, payments due, and also the rewards available for redeeming. You can also either make a one-time payment or get it scheduled for the future period.

3. The Capital One App

The Capital One app is another credit card app that fulfils all the expectations of a cardholder. Whether you have to view the transactions, check the balance in the credit card or redeem the rewards, all the facilities are provided by this app. In addition to this, you can also make the payments and check the transaction as well. 


This app offers one of the best travel cards that can provide considerable rewards in making the transaction. Excitingly, you can also get the complete details of the transaction just by tapping on it. Further, this app is also available for Apple Watches so that you can track your transaction more conveniently.

4. Wells Fargo

It is an app which satisfies all the needs of the credit cardholders. The recent update of this app has come up with the following features. The iPhone users can log in on this app with Face ID or Touch ID. This makes it easier for everyone to use this app. However, in case you don’t want to log in with this app, then also view your transactions with the help of Facebook.


The app also offers another feature, Control Tower, which aims to maintain all the digital financial transactions. You can also view the recurring payments and even turn off or on the card, whenever required.

5. Citi app

The Citi app is a full-fledged app serving the customers with all the features that will make their credit card transactions more effortless and secure. It provides alerts for the remaining balance, and the detailed information about the transaction occurred. You can log in on this app with the help of a Touch ID or Face ID.


The app is very much satisfying as it ensures to deliver faster and smoother services to its users. Due to this, the customers rely on the services furnished by this app. You can also manage your Citi ThankYou Rewards provided to you on each successful transaction with the Citi credit card


However, some reports have shown that the app takes some time to update the information of the transaction performed. The customers reported that the app might take a day or some hours to generate updated information. But the vast majority of the customers are fully satisfied with the facilities offered by this app.

6. Suntrust app

The Suntrust app is an emerging app and performing much better than the previous few years. While this app is not so popular or recommended by the experts, this app possesses all those features which are required to help you in managing your credit card transactions. It can satisfy the needs of all its customers and is continuously updating to provide everything to its users. You can use this app easily to maintain your account balances.


These are the top six credit card apps for iOS that can help you in maintaining your credit card accounts and balances more easily and quickly. Although all the apps have the same kind of features, the ultimate choice is yours to select between these apps.


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