we almost got more than 100 queries from many companies to know about latest case study for special valentine day campaign strategy ,email campaign, customer retention, online traffic increase and other promotional activities .thus to gave answer for all queries ,here are some tips and strategies for companies that they can apply to increase  there success rate .

we will show some strategies that can run your campaign in right way .thus we should go with  right time ,right content and right strategy to formulate . but question here arises what are those success strategy to formulate ?what campaigns we can run on  valentine’s day ?


1. Customer reviews :

Image result for customer review campaigns for valentines day

as we saw above example of Air France. they want customer to use social media tool as tweeter and run campaign #theloveflight. look at the background color its sky blue that perfectly matches with campaign plus they specially focused on couples as valentines special offer .thus more couples will flock to use there tweeter campaign for couple tickets to Paris

  • best campaign to retain customer database
  • Its lucrative prize offering- couple tickets to Paris- has attracted the attention of many people to participate in the contest and goes very well with the occasional mood of Valentine’s Day.
  • The contest has seen a variant participation from different age groups, as many have posted their pictures on Twitter for the same.



2. Application for products :

Image result for starbucks valentine campaignStarbucks opted another campaign for  customer retention. as we all know marketers are looking for ways to reach customers through online dating site.Match users looking for a date will be able to now suggest that dates meet at Starbucks. The “Meet at Starbucks” feature is the first branded-product feature that allows Match users to directly send an invitation to set up a coffee date. Using the “Meet at Starbucks” feature, members can can also find a location for their Starbucks date using the Starbucks store locator.

  • perfect strategy for customer retention through dating application
  • Starbucks and Match partnership makes sense, with 30% of Match.com’s 3 million users listing “coffee & conversation” as an interest


3. Reward your customers :

Related image

Max shop set another campaign strategy for customer retention and new customer acquisition, they drive customer reward campaign  on this valentine day . the poster depicts  perfect example of customer retention by offering 25% discount as valentines day sale. as a result

  • they generate more database of new customers online
  • reward as 25% will male people force to buy from max shop,ultimately increase in there sales



4. Last minute gift campaign :


Image result for last minute gifts campaigns for valentines day

Smiley cookie run another campaign for increasing customer base . this campaign called Last minute campaign. though smiley cookie run this campaign for all the customers and attract them to buy as last minute gifts for you love ones and there would be guaranteed to be delivered till 14 February.

  • this last minute campaign already  going viral and doing well to attain new customer base
  • smiley cookie  run this campaign with great effort and got increase in online delivery sale



5. Gif e card program :

Revlon Valentine's Day

Cosmetic company Revlon started a new valentine campaign as Gif e card program .consumers can “send bespoke messages of love to someone special, making each consumer part of Revlon’s worldwide Love is On movement.”consumers can participate by engaging with any of the Revlon expandable engagement ads across desktop, tablet and mobile ,just visit revlon company website.

  • attach GIF, with a special love note. Consumers are also encouraged to use the hashtag #LOVEISON when sharing on social media for a chance to be featured on the Revlon Global Love according to survey , the hashtag has about 5,000 mentions in the past 30 days.


above case study shows  few special valentine day campaign strategy examples for different companies.

if you really want more case studies and marketing strategies .do send us queries through comment section.


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