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What time is it? Well, it’s time to ditch the traditional ways of removing hair and try out laser hair removal instead. This treatment is a boon for people who want to minimize their spending or cut it off on shaving and tweezing. The success ratio of removing unwanted hair through laser treatment increases if you get it done from the best laser hair removal in Ahmedabad, like Dr. Kartik’s clinic.

While choosing a good clinic is essential, there are specific pointers to remember if you opt for it for the first time.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Know the Process

Before you directly opt to get the treatment, you should know the process. A laser produces a light burst focusing on your hair follicles. The pigments in your hair absorb this light which eventually helps in preventing future growth. The biggest reason to choose the laser hair removal treatment is that it doesn’t damage the skin. Usually, this process takes up several sessions before the results are visible.

Do’s and Don’ts Before the Session

There are several dos and don’ts a first-timer should follow before opting for the treatment. Below mentioned are some of them.

  • The laser needs to identify the hair follicle so it is advisable to not wax for at least six weeks before your first session.
  • You can shave before the session however ensure you’re using a new blade. If you use an already used blade, you may catch some infection.
  • Try to avoid caffeine for 24 hours before the session.
  • Stay away from sunlight for two weeks prior to your appointment.

Follow these tips so that the sessions go smoothly.

Know About Post-Treatment Care

You should have a fair idea of what to expect and how to be prepared for post-hair-removal care.

  • You will notice your hair falling out between 3 to 30 days of the treatment.
  • After the treatment, you may see immediate redness that can last for several hours.
  • You can exfoliate your skin and softly scrub however be sure that you don’t force your hairs out before they are ready.
  • Try to stay away from sunlight for a week after your laser hair removal session. If you have to be in the sun, ensure you apply a powerful sunscreen and then step out.
  • Apply aloe vera gel after the treatment for a few days.
  • Do not dry your hair roughly with a towel after hair wash.

Keep Patience
Once you are done with the treatment, you may be all pumped up to see the results. However, patience is the most important aspect of this treatment. Do not expect immediate results right after the treatment. It will take a few sessions however; you may never use the traditional hair removal options again. So, it’s worth the wait, isn’t it?


Hopefully, the article helped you understand a few points to remember as a first-timer. If you still need information, feel free to contact Dr Karthik’s Slimming Clinic based in Ahmedabad. They offer several laser removal treatment options at affordable rates. All the best!

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Author Bio:
Dr. Kartik is heading the Dr Karthik’s Slimming Clinic as a consultant with extensive 10 plus years of experience in the slimming industry and excellent physiotherapy qualifications who is responsible for Patient’s treatments. He is a renowned laser hair removal specialist in Ahmedabad and International Sports Science (USA) certified nutritionist. He Designs the protocols of slimming and wellness programs.


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