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Human Hair Extensions

It is not uncommon to see a hair extension that looks so glossy and elegant, only to find that it’s totally garbage. But before you find out, it’s already too late since you’ve paid for it, sometimes much higher than it really costs. And you’ve actually installed it. After managing it for a couple of weeks on it’s very first outing, you find it’s no use pretending that this hair extension still gives your beauty a boost. Because, in fact, it does the opposite.

It’s also very common to find that reputable hair extensions companies are shunning high quality hair extensions into the market. So there’s no shortage of good quality human hair extensions, like Remy Hair. Remy hair extensions are the highest quality hair extensions on the market right now. You only need to do a thorough research and consider your choices carefully. And when you do lay your hands on the best human hair extensions, you will be glad you did. Why? Because it can last for over a year, and still have its natural shine even after making several outings.

But perhaps you know a friend who actually bought original Remy human hair extensions but hers didn’t last as long as another Remy Hair bought by your friend’s friend. (When it comes to beauty matters, ladies can have a huge network of friends to stay on top of trends.)

Since 100% human hair extensions can be found wanting in terms of durability, just like the synthetic ones, you may begin to wonder: So what REALLY makes hair extensions last longer than others?

Here goes…

Hair Extension Source

Hair extensions Sources

Before you begin to ask questions about how long your hair extensions are going to last, make sure you are buying 100% human hair extensions. It’s only then that discussions about hair extensions durability can be opened. Synthetic hair isn’t qualified for such a discussion, because it’s been described by many as GARBAGE.

Is It Remy?

Remy hair Extensions

Is your human hair extension Remy? Because if it’s not, expect it to tangle and matte before long. And that’s the end of it. On the other hand, Remy Hair preserves the natural hair cuticles and thoroughly processes them to follow one direction only. This mimics natural hair and helps the hair extension stay smooth and silky always. Remy does not tangle or matte, which keeps it fresh and shiny for longer.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment for hair

If you want even your100% Remy human hair extension to last very long, it’s best you don’t use chemicals on it. Coloring your Remy Hair will reduce its lifespan considerably. So this could be one of the reasons your friend’s Remy product didn’t last as long as the one bought by your friend’s friend.

Who’s Your Stylist?

Your choice of stylist can also affect how long your wefts last. If you choose to use roadside hairdressers for your expensive Remy human hair extensions, they might not last as long as it would if a professional stylist handled thems for you.

Do You Maintain Your Hair Extensions?

Care of Hair Extensions

Finally, even if all the other factors remain checked, if you do not maintain your human hair extensions, it sure isn’t going to last as long as it should.

If you really want your hair weave to last their full term, give it the treatment that precious items get, because it is pricey.




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