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Long hours, difficult working conditions, the COVID-19 pandemic—healthcare providers in today’s landscape have to be resilient every single day. A great way to recognize the efforts of these essential workers is with a thoughtful gift. After all, the right token of appreciation can say, “thank you,” “we care,” and “keep up the great work”!

If you are trying to show gratitude to a medical professional in your life, we have some great suggestions.

1. A Personalized Jacket or Sweatshirt

Many healthcare professionals are used to working long shifts and commuting from place to place. Having all the essentials they need to get through a shift is a part of doing their job successfully. Oftentimes, working in cool, clinical environments means that dressing for work calls for a jacket. Giving the go-to item in a medical provider’s everyday work kit is sure to bring a lasting smile to the face of your favorite nurse, technician, or doctor.

A custom scrub jacket is our favorite gift for a range of healthcare workers. It’s an everyday essential that, when personalized, makes a fun addition to a sometimes challenging day. The beauty of one of these unique items is there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Embroider their name to truly make this a heartfelt, one-of-a-kind gift.

2. An Insulated Water Bottle

Packing for a long shift also requires a water bottle. Every healthcare professional should have a great water bottle, preferably one that’s durable and insulated. Nothing’s more refreshing than a cool drink during your break time, after all.

We like stainless steel options that provide insulating benefits. Look for water bottles with a handle or strap for easy travel.

3. Gift Cards for Nearby Shops and Eateries

Time can be a luxury for medical providers working long shifts in sometimes remote locations. Help make long hours on their feet a little more bearable by giving them a gift card to local restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, or online delivery platforms.

Everyone loves being able to refuel with a quick and fulfilling drink, snack, or meal. With this gift, you can take care of the healthcare professional that matters to you by sustaining them with food and drink. Plus, giving a gift card is also an opportunity to support small businesses in the area.

4. Moisturizing Hand Creams

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Image Credit: Pexels

Dry hands are never a good look, especially when you use your hands to provide care to others. Excessive washing and the use of soaps and sanitizers will strip healthy oils. Help keep your favorite medical worker’s hands healthy, soft, and moisturized by replenishing those essential skin oils with a hydrating hand cream or lotion.

Pro tip: cream products are usually thicker than lotions and provide additional moisture. For colder seasons—in addition to frequent hand washing—we strongly recommend a hand cream over a lotion. Opt for something unscented so they can use it at work without offending patients or coworkers.

5. A Personal Massager

Back pain, neck pain, and soreness are side effects of long shifts and prolonged standing. In between workouts, chiropractic visits, and massages, a personal massager can help keep annoying pains at bay. Choose a well-reviewed product that you know or one that fits in your budget. Our favorites are deep-tissue wands and percussive massagers that target pressure points and assist in overall muscular health.

6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones or Earbuds

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Image Credit: Pexels

One of the most underrated gift choices for people who need a breather is a set of noise-canceling headphones or earbuds. When someone’s health is at stake, it can be challenging to find a quiet moment in an often hectic workplace. Luckily, keeping the mind at ease even in the most stressful environments is possible with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

A quick moment of personal time, a few minutes of meditation, or a break for dedicated concentration sometimes calls for muting out distracting background noises. Help provide the right environment for these tasks and more with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling earbuds are a somewhat newer addition to this product range but make a nice portable option.

The price point for a well-constructed pair of noise-canceling earbuds or headphones is usually around $60 for lower quality sets and increases to around $150 or more for well-known brands. Just don’t be turned off to the lower-priced set of options—there are excellent choices to fit a range of budgets.

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