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If you Like healthy living then you must add white tea in your daily diet.Many people are unaware that there is another king of medicinal tea and that is white tea. white teas are delicious and healthy when they are brewed without being mixed with other teas.

White tea offers many health benefits as compared to other teas. white teas are very pure that they are used as a portion of blended tea to bring forward their unique taste to freshen up a tea blend. White tea is most commonly came from china and is highly consumed all over the world. If we talk about its taste it have a delicate and sweet flavor. it contains lots of vitamins, Amino acid, Nutrients that are highly required fro healthy body. so it will energize your body with lots of freshness it keeps you fit makes your digestion strong and keep your skin healthy aend there lots of benefits to tell.

White teas are well known to be anti- ageing , and they are also linked with disease- fighting agents and its very good for skin. white tea contains 0% Fat, 0% Sugar 0% clour  and so on .

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