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Packaging tapes, also called parcel tape or box sealing tape, is basically packing tapes that are used for sealing or enclosing shipping/storage boxes. The tape is one of the essential requirements in the business shipping and storage of products. They are easy to use and versatile. These packaging tapes can be customised or designed according to requirements as well. There are varieties of packing adhesives available in the market such as polypropylene tape, water-activated tape, kraft tape and so on. These differ by material and sealant used during fabrication of tapes. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right tape for the proper application.

Types of Adhesives Used for Making Tapes:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic-based is a very popular and economical adhesive that sticks immediately upon application. It has good shear and peel strength. It is counted among the most effective sealant available and most preferred in the construction industry.
  • Hot melt/heat-activated: The formulation of hot melt adhesives is done using thermoplastic polymers. It is manufactured using an extrusion process, where adhesive components- resin and synthetic rubber is subjected to heat. The adhesive generally remains in solid-state whereas when heated above softening point the state changes to a liquid. Due to this property, it is used to create bonds that are thermally detachable.
  • Pressure Sensitive: As the name suggests, it is a non-reactive adhesive that forms a bond with the surface only when pressure is applied, after applying tape to the surface. In other words, it is the degree of bond that is influenced by the pressure used to apply adhesive to the surface. This pressure-sensitive adhesive is formulated in a way that it works properly in room temperature but fails in low temperature and reduces their shear bond at high temperature.
  • Rubber: The formulation of rubber-based adhesives relatively the same as a pressure-sensitive adhesive but the only difference is that they have considerably higher strength. Rubber-based adhesives have high molecular mass, therefore, requires large quantity solvent to make it spread hassle-free. Also, latexes are available in most of the rubber-based adhesive hence water is used to clean or dilute the sealant.
  • Silicon: Silicon adhesive is liquid-based adhesive. The properties of the adhesive remain unchanged over a wide temperature range. It does not lose its elasticity both at high as well as low temperature.

Water activated: Water-activated adhesives are the starch-based adhesives that become sticky when comes in contact with moisture. They are known to be most effective for sealing corrugated boxes. The adhesive, when creates a bond with the fibreboard material, forms a strong and durable seal.

Types of Carrier Used as A Base/Film for Tape

  • Cloth: Cloth materials are used as carrier material to improve tensile strength, heat resistance, and electrical resistance.
    Glass: They are same as cloth material, but the only difference is strengthening with glass or glass fibre, which in turn, enhances its resistance towards heat.
  • Metal foil: Metal foil commonly have aluminium backing. This aluminium backing metal foil is resistant to heat and offers high reflectivity.
  • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride is usually backed with natural rubber adhesive. Packaging tape with vinyl carrier enhanced biological and chemical immune against wound or injury. They are relatively cheap than any other carriers.
  • Paper: Paper backing is weak and is only suitable for short term packaging solution. It is made of paper and hence can be recycled.
  • Polyamide: The polyamide film is a strong tape and is resistant towards heat. The polyamide film generally has a silicone adhesive and maintains all the properties over a wide range of temperature.
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