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Biceps workout is one of the best workout for body. Here in this blog we will show you rod biceps workout to build muscles.

The key to biceps growth: You need to do the right biceps curls. Yes, the primary function of your biceps involves flexing your elbow, as you do on every curl. But by shifting your arm to different position, you can stress different portions of the biceps, and limit how the rest of your body can help each curl rep in different ways.

If you want big arms , do biceps curls . If you want even bigger arms, do variations of the biceps curls.always allow your arms to target from new angles.

Your biceps has just two responsibilities: Flexing your elbows and creating that forearm rotation. But there are plenty of adjustments you can make between moves to challenge your biceps in different ways. Keep these in mind in all your biceps workouts.

One key way to change the stress on the biceps is to change how much they can utilize momentum. Your arms want to swing forward on a curl, elbows shifting in front of shoulders to create easier leverage (and momentum) to curl upwards.You can limit that effect when you shift your upper arm angle in front of your torso from the start. You do this in preacher curl and spider curl variations. This often allows you to also get a supreme squeeze in your biceps.

There are variety of workouts for biceps like

  • barbell curl
  • Inclined dumbbell curl
  • Standing biceps cable curl
  • Reverse grip bent over row
  • Concentration curl

In this blog we will discuss about  how to use home equipment  to do biceps workout.



Try to pause in the middle of a your your rep to feel the tension and pressure to biceps muscles. It’s true on curls through, so mid rep pauses can be used to build time under tension and force you to deliver a strong muscle group.

2.  Twist

The position of your palm influence how to stimulate the biceps. When your forearms is parallel to the ground, so that your biceps faces maximum challenge in making that twist happen.this will train your muscles on all your curls.

3. Timings

Try to perform this workout sequence for 5 sets 20 reps each and try to doit for  2 or 3 times per week


Face the rod you attached in between chair and lay down on ground facing your body upwards and grasp the rod firmly with both the palms facing up body straight and arms extended in front of you . Curl your body up to the rod. keep your hips straight. And push your body up to perform biceps workout.

Diet :

After workout always prefer high protien foods you should include in your diet like eggs, salmon,chicken breast, tuna ,leen beef ,turkey brest, beans ,Greek yogurt. You should intake protien between 1.4 and 1.8 grams per pound of body weight.

Results :

No body part grows by pumping it every day. You need to rest to let your arms recover. In the hours after a workout ,your muscles lose strength and power as they heal. After 36-48 hours the muscles actually gets stronger .which is a process called super-compensation.




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