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You must have heard many times about the story that we are going to talk about today but it is very different from those stories now because you have met many people in life if the person is different but you are those people. Even by living in the middle of those people, you do not know what he is thinking and what he said, so what we are talking about is the story of a serial killer because those people also behave like you all of us.

true files cyanide mohan

true files cyanide mohan

So you must have heard such a story many times that all this happened in his life when he became such a person, similarly today we are talking about True Files Episode 1: The Story of Cyanide Mohan, how he became a serial killer from a common man, then he was born in a simple family. was born in and his parents belong to a simple family and he has 2 sisters and 1 brother, he was very intelligent in sibling studies and he used to live in a lot of discussion in his town but the condition of the family was not so good that he, He could get the children to read, but even after fighting with the difficulties, he could read and he grew up to become a teacher and by the way, every mother drinks.

He has a dream that he should marry his children and after some time he gets married but his married life is not so good because he belongs to christen family, so he used to insist again and again that he should change his religion. So because they started having an argument about this matter and they got divorced about this matter and as soon as life took the turn, life would go on its side because after some time they get married once again and their 3 Children also happen but government. It was getting difficult to run his life in the job because he could not get so much income in the government job, but he wanted more time, who knew that this journey would bring a lot of change for him, he gets transferred to another place, and Due to this change, they get married once again and they have 2 children, but again that problem comes because it becomes difficult to run their 2 families, then he goes on the other path because he has taken care of those girls.

He looks at the unmarried girl. was and used to talk to them, used to take their numbers and he took them in his words, he gave them a false excuse of marriage, he used to get jewelry from home and gave him drugs, used to tell them that you go to the bathroom and take it because he is taking that medicine. She dies after an open second and he used to run away with all the jewelry of those girls, his process continued because he had done 32 girls till now and when it was revealed when a girl from a simple family was killed when the police refused to take this case when the police filed this case, then the police took 10 days when the police started information about it when this story came to know and slowly it came to know that what is the matter The police kept coming to know about this, his family and society came to know that gradually the family started coming to meet him when the reporter came to know about this when he reached his house when his family came and worked whenever, someone.

When he used to come to meet her, he used to ask about his wife, then this case reached the court and Mohan decided to fight his case himself. He used to think that this is an ordinary man but he was a very bad person because now he was a lawyer as well as a teacher, he knew that if he lost here then he could fight his battle in the high court then if he lost there too So the President could have apologized and he knew that every single case would go on for a long time because he was very clever then like a common man. becomes a serial killer now the next story we will see in the next episode what happens next.

Let me tell you about True Files, True Files is a documentary web series based on true serial murder killers in India. you can watch this series on the Click Shots youtube channel or Click Tv India app.

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