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These days no one wants to sit for hours while sending big files online. Most recipients prefer to avoid sitting around during large file downloads, which is another factor besides the file’s size.

If clients have to create an account or wait for an unforeseen amount of time, they might hang up on the managers. Choosing the simplest and quickest methods to deliver large files online is beneficial to lessen clients’ stress. Some of the methods are mentioned below. 

1. Upload files to a cloud storage platform and email or share them with other people

Choosing a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive is one of the easiest and most popular ways to exchange large files. Depending on the email service, one may use comparable cloud storage, such as Google Drive for Google Mail or OneDrive for Outlook.com.

The Google Drive button is already built if you send an attachment through a service like Gmail. Click it, select your file, and send it like any other attachment.

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2. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is one of the easiest ways to share files online and has the added bonus of not requiring registration. All you need to do is upload your file—up to 2 GB—add your email as the email’s destination, a title, and a message once you’re on the page. Without requiring download or registration, it is ideal for emailing huge files.

3. VPN

A VPN service routes web connection through a server to protect the data and give more privacy online. A VPN is a safe choice if you frequently use free public wifi because it may shield you from hackers and even internet adverts.

If your internet service provider (ISP) uses broadband traffic management to control upload bandwidth, you can use a VPN to hide the size of your files from your ISP so you can send them. This will prevent your ISP from detecting the size of your files. 

4. Use FileZilla for FTP

One can share files online via FTP or File share Protocol by submitting a file on a hosting server. FileZilla is a free FTP program that you may use to transfer files.

Once FileZilla is installed, users may quickly choose the files to be moved by clicking on them and dragging them into place on the two-pane display. It works well for delivering files bigger than 4 GB. If there are any flaws, they will be promptly fixed because the program is updated constantly.

5. Send files over SFTP

You can share files online via FTP or File share Protocol by uploading a file to your hosting server. FTP has the drawback of needing to be more secure, which is where SFTP comes in. In contrast to FTP, which employs a secure shell for encryption, SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, uses a secure shell. This is useful for restricting access to those not on your recipient list. Other alternatives, such as those for email-based file transfers, are less secure than an SFTP.

6. Jumpshare

Many free internet services make uploading and sending huge files simple and remarkably rapid. With a free account on Jumpshare, for example, you can transmit up to 250 MB of data. Just upload a file or folder; Jumpshare will provide a URL to share the files. Additionally, you can download the Jumpshare desktop icon. When files are dropped onto it using the drag-and-drop method, a link is copied to your clipboard that may be shared with anyone, even those without a Jumpshare account.

7. Share the file via MyAirBridge by uploading it and creating a link for it

With the help of the free tool MyAirBridge, you may share and upload files up to 20 GB by email, a shared link, or downloading them to your computer. Using your mobile device, you may upload files. Although it may not have the smoothest interface on the receiving end (the URL your recipient receives leads them to a direct download), it works well enough for personal or small-team use. The uploading process takes a long for larger files.

If you wish to download various files (such as music or video files, game apps, or documents) to your personal storage space, MyAirBridge is a wonderful choice. For instance, you might download music to your PC using this tool from your mobile device.


As files grow bigger and bigger, there is a high probability of more time wastage sitting. Thank goodness, technology has evolved to keep up with growing file sizes. The methods mentioned above make it possible to rapidly transfer large files without needing a whole day or more.


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