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The Fragrance Family


The Fragrance Family


Searching for a Designer perfume that suits your personality can be overwhelmingly complex, especially when we have a wide variety of fragrances available.

Love towards fragrances differs from person to person according to their preferences. Perfumers and experts work for years to build a fragrance that does not match other fragrances and have a uniqueness that defines the perfume. Perfumes are not just a liquid extracted from fruits and flowers but a lot of science is used while preparing the notes of perfumes.

A single house’s fragrance will have a dozen products. There is so much to choose from, that can not only be confusing but overwhelming.

These perfumes are categorised by notes that describe the fragrance. This categorising and synthesising elaborated during the 19th century and hence fragrances are divided into categories and subcategories.

There are a total of 4 main categories which contain subcategories.

  1. Oriental notes
  2. Woody notes
  3. Fresh Notes
  4. Floral Notes

The origin of these categories and subcategories are as per notes.

  1. Top Note: This is a lighter note which spreads through the air and lasts for a small-time say 20 min. The note typically includes citrus and fruity scents as well as light floral.
  2. Heart Note: These notes start spreading some time after you apply and last for near about 4 hours. The heart notes have florals and these give the fragrance the most distinctive smell when comes in contact with skin.
  3. Base Notes: These are addressed after a long time when heart note smells fade. The smell lasts up to 12 hours after spraying. These notes usually contain smells like musk, woody scents and herbs like vanilla and vetiver.

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In the Info-graphic below detailed description about how fragrances are divided into categories and subcategories will help you understand how perfumes are segregated.


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