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Top 10 UK Kids Clothing Brands for 2021

Kids are just adorable and you can make them more adorable by dressing these little ones properly. Buying quality and trendy clothes for children is always difficult. Always make sure to go with the best brands to get the best value for your investments. When it comes to top brands for kids, the numbers are quite high and you may find it difficult to choose from those options.

If you are going to buy kid’s outfits for the first time, then make sure to consider few things such as size, type of fabric, quality, durability, washing conditions, color scheme, budget, and most important comfort. Buying anything especially clothing has become easier these days with the rise of e-commerce. You can place an order with just a few clicks of your mouse and you will get your product delivered to your doorsteps in a few days or hours.
If you are looking for the best brands for kid’s clothing, I am pretty sure this post will help you a lot. I have made a featured list of the top 10 UK kid’s clothing brands for 2020. Here we go;


RC stands for Roundabout Childrenswear and the best thing about this British brand is that it offers handmade outfits for kids. The quality is undoubtedly awesome and the fabric is cotton capable of providing great comfort to your little ones. All Roundabout outfits are made by Jo and her team of seamstresses and they are highly skilled.
This UK brand provides outfits for the kids of age group between 4 to 8 years. This brand accomplishes the great British sewing heritage and is loved by families in the UK and around the world.


Another British clothing brand for kids and it is award-winning also. It specializes in decently tailored kids’ outwear and never disappoints the customers whether it’s about quality or design. Britanical offers outfits for up-to 8 years of boys and girls using the notable and finest craftsmanship and cloth. The outfit designs are a combination of British heritage and youthful vibrancy.


There are many things other than just clothes requires for your kid and Cler-de-Lune is the perfect place for shopping for those kinds of products. This UK-based brand offers a huge range of baby products including Moses blankets, beddings, stands, gift sets, pushchairs, travel accessories, bathing wears and the list goes on.
This brand works on a motto of providing unmatchable comfort to the kids and their products are made to keep their promises. Create silent nights, quality nursing, and great memories with Cler-du-Lune’s stunning fabrics, colors, and textures.

4.Dawn Clarke
Dawn & Clarke is different from most of the outfit brands as it offers vintage-inspired kids’ clothing. You can shop for outfits for special occasions from here. This English brand is doing a great job in reviving the great British culture and tradition by offering the best quality vintage-inspired outfits. All of the clothing is handmade and ensures the best silhouette and comfort.


BeeBooBuzz is a great destination for shopping for bright, bold, and unisex kids’ clothing for both babies and toddlers. The outfits of this brand make your kids capable to express themselves in the very best way possible. It also makes it possible for you to choose whatever color and pattern for your kid.
Among the other best things about this British kids clothing brand is that each and every piece of clothing is made using super soft organic cotton fabric. It will be very easy to match your BeeBooBuzz outfits with different patterns and pinafores and dungarees.

6.Lala & Bea
Lala & Bea is a one-stop-shop for kids and it offers clothes that are fun to wear, comfy at the same time ideal for your little one’s sensitive skins. You can shop almost everything for your kid, from sweats to blankets and from tees to lounge-wears and many more. You can also shop a huge variety of accessories for your kids including skincare products, hats, caps, handbags, gifts, etc.

7.Mollie & Oli

This British brand has great depth when it comes to categories of kids’ products. You can shop almost everything you are looking for for your kid including clothing, skin care products for both mum and kids, gifts, accessories, home, and interiors products, and many more. This brand was founded in 2019 and it has made its mark in just one year because of its best possible products.

8.Matt Instinct
Buying clothes for your little ones is fine but what about bedding?
The sleep of a child matters a lot as kids sleep more than adults. Researchers have found that perfect sleep is related to better mood and growth of the child and that’s why you shouldn’t ignore it. Look for the best brand which provides super comfy bedding materials for kids and when it comes to UK brands; Matt Instinct is the best you can go with.

9.Magnet House

There are lots of apparels stores for kids and it’s difficult to choose from them. If you are also having difficulty choosing a brand or store for buying clothes then listing some of the top brands and going with them could be a great idea. Magnet House is such a great place for shopping kid apparel that it deserved to be on the list. This brand offers super comfy kids outfits made with quality cotton which is 100 percent gentle to their skin.

10.Lotus Maternity
This English brand mainly deals in baby blankets and maternity tops. You can shop for designer maternity tops that will make breastfeeding easy and convenient. The babies blankets are also made with super comfy material which makes your baby feel that he/she is sleeping in the mother’s womb,

Bottom Line:
Shopping apparel for kids was never easy but it will be a lot easier with the brands and stores featured above. Always make sure to invest in the best when it comes to buying anything for the kids. The outfits and the bedding material should be always comfortable and good for their sensitive skin.
The top 10 UK kid’s clothing brands listed here will help you shop the best products for your kids and make most of your investments. Take great care of your kids and pamper them with your love and affection.

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