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Top 3 organic clothing styles for babies


Styling your baby is one of the most beautiful things about parenthood. Clothing your baby with soft and comfortable is the top priority as their skin is delicate and gentle, and parents must give attention to the clothes their baby is wearing.

Having your baby exposed to so many chemicals from birth is not something that parents want. Today we are going reverse and looking for natural solutions because we know and comprehend the effects chemicals have on us. When we make choices for our babies, we don’t just want the right but the best product for them. To avoid exposure to chemicals to babies, the most important alteration you would want to make is shifting to organic baby clothes.

Organic clothing has zero harmful chemicals in them. However, it is your responsibility to find one that is credible and certified as there are so many brands out there scamming people. GOTS is a valuable certification that you can rely on as they perform intensive checks and tests on the brands. Tiny Twig is one brand that has GOTS certification.

Now here are the top 5 organic clothing styles that you may want to try for your baby.

Kimono style
This is a very fashionable style that also has many functional benefits. It makes it really easy to wear and remove. There are generally two types of clothing that have kimono style – sleepsuits and tops. Organic kimono sleepsuits are super cute and cover the whole body. The buttons are made of nuts or coconut shells that are 100 percent natural. Kimono tops are perfect for summer as it is lightweight and have a string that you can use to tighten or loosen the top. Kimono tops generally have deep necklines so that they don’t irritate or suffocate the baby.

Sleepsuits that are 100 percent organic are the best for babies under two years of age. A few sleepsuits come with foldback mittens and socks that will ensure the baby doesn’t scratch itself with nails, and also, it might protect the baby from mosquitoes. Sleepsuits with diagonal zippers look adorable on both girl and boy baby. Diagonal zippers also make diaper changing easy as they go from shoulder to thigh, and it goes both ways. If you are travelling, then sleepsuits are great because you have to pack only one thing instead of 4-5 pieces of clothes like tops, pants, socks, mittens. You can layer the sleepsuits if it is cold.

Baby Rompers
Rompers just accentuate the cuteness of babies. They can be worn in all seasons. In winters, you can layer by putting on a shirt or t-shirt inside. You can also add pants or cardigans based on the look you are going for or how cold it is. In summer, just organic rompers that are soft, comfortable, and breathable will work the best. Rompers come with criss-cross straps and natural buttons for adjusting according to the size.

Try these styles for your baby, and let us know in the comments your favorite one.


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