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What are the Beauty must-have Contact Lenses for Teenage Girls?

Contacts are all the rage nowadays. They are especially popular with teenage girls who want to achieve beauty standards set forth by makeup moguls. What teenagers don’t realize is that these big-shots have plenty money at their disposal, and rather than just a lifestyle, looking great at all times is in their job description!

Not to worry though, because with the advent of lenses which are easily and readily available for all, these beauty looks are that much easier to achieve!

All contacts nowadays including both vivid colors such as ice blue and softer ones such as brown contact lenses are available easily.

Must-Have Contact Lenses

I am a firm believer of the premise that any look can be carried out quite well as long as you have ensured that the rest of the accessories and makeup matches and you have the most important accessory of all: confidence!

All of you girls listen up: you’re all gorgeous, with or without any accessories!

However, since everyone loves to experiment and these are the very years in which you will play around with what makeup looks good on you, what hair color looks best, which cut best frames your face and what contacts really make your eyes pop; here’s a list of contact lenses you really must try!

Icy Blue

I have begun with icy blue lenses as these are clearly the most formidable of the entire selection available. They stand out that’s for sure! However, like I said, if accessorized with the appropriate colors, they can turn out to be real stunners.

There’s a reason after all, why the whole premise of the “girl next door” is structured around blue eyes. And of course, everyone wants to experiment once with the “blond hair blue eyes” stereotype, and icy blue lenses are the way for you to do that!

I think blue is one of those colors in contacts that can prove to be a head-turner, especially when complimented with a subtle eye look and an overall subdued facial palette (makeup wise), although bolder colors can look amazing too!

Green Eyed Monster!

Once again, green is one of the colors which is believed to suit only some. I tend to disagree though. Green too, can look beautiful on just about everyone, provided that you be mindful of the stunning color of your contacts and attempt to build the rest of your look accordingly.

People believe that green eye color is only for the fair complexioned, but that’s just a myth! Next time you’re out and about, look out for tanned complexions sporting green eye color and go green with envy at how meticulously perfect it looks!

I’m telling you, it’s all about the confidence! When doing makeup with green contacts, be bold and try jewel tones to truly bring out the color of your eyes.

Basic Brown!

For those of us who like more subdued shades, brown contact lenses are definitely the way to go! Brown is such an underrated shade in contacts and I fail to understand why that is so.

The color brings depth to your eyes that cannot be matched by any other contacts! The compelling color also brings a bit of seriousness to the face that teenagers crave so badly.

Furthermore, it is a perfect all-rounder! You can carry just about any makeup look with brown contacts, be it sporty, flirty, serious or studious! Everyone should definitely have a pair of brown contacts to whip out when you’re unsure about every other color.

With such a vast variety available in shades of brown, it is quite easy to find something for everyone. There’s a range of shades available from honey to caramel tea, and even shades with a hint of green such as forest hazel. Experiment till you find something that’s perfect for you!


Hazel is definitely a bolder variation of brown in my books, which is why I have mentioned it separately from brown altogether. However, it is still a color every teenager should try.

Hazel is quite rare in real life, and so brings everyone’s attention straight to your eyes. It’s also a perfect color to try for a night on the town, when you want to look effortlessly chic, yet not brazenly made up. Along with brown, hazel also ranks safe on the parent-approval spectrum: win-win!

For any contact lenses to really fit seamlessly, it’s important to ensure that the rest of the makeup is done accordingly. I am a firm believer that just about anything can look provided it is done right, and care is taken to strike a balance between the different elements. So go ahead and experiment till you find the perfect look for yourself! And remember to only you hypoallergenic makeup products!

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