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Where to Hire a Wedding Band

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The wedding band you hire sets the tone for your entire reception. From your first dance to party time on the dance floor after dinner, the music is key to creating the perfect atmosphere and throwing a wedding reception that you and your guests will love. As important as it is, hiring a wedding band can be one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning. Here’s your quick and easy guide to where to hire a wedding band.



Professional Talent Buyer

Hiring a celebrity for a wedding is an exciting way to give wedding guests (and yourself!) an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience. But how do you even hire a celebrity for a wedding? One easy way to do so is to use a professional talent buyer. After you’ve decided on the artist you want for your wedding, industry professionals handle the entire hiring process for you from start to finish, including aspects like the artist’s offer, contract fulfillment, and rider fulfillment. The cost of hiring your favorite band can add up, especially if they have significant notoriety or a full list of hit songs. However, the expense may be worth it to save yourself time and stress.



Social Media/Email

Another way to hire a famous wedding band is to go through the hiring and production process yourself, starting with initial contact with your desired performer. This may be your go-to option if you’d prefer to handle the hiring process yourself.

Many celebrity artists include their management’s contact information on their social media pages or on their websites if they have one. You can contact their agent or management team to ask if they’re willing to do private performances and request – and negotiate – a quote. Keep in mind that you should begin your inquiries well in advance of your wedding date – at least 6 months. When hiring celebrity singers and bands yourself, you’ll also need to fulfill their performance rider, which entails details such as equipment, the sound system needed, and security requirements.


Music Agency

If you’re looking to hire a local band instead of a headliner, online music and entertainment agencies are a great option. Similar to a professional talent buyer, an agency assists you in the process of hiring a band for your wedding. After deciding which artist you prefer, the agency typically will send you a contract with the terms and conditions listed, which is to be signed for the booking. Usually, local bands will bring their own sound systems but will inform you of their performance’s power requirements in their contract.



Create Your Dream Wedding Reception

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Planning the entertainment at your reception can easily turn into one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning, especially given the pressure of just how much it helps set the tone of your event. Consider the wedding band you’d like to perform, your budget, and the level of planning you’re willing to take on yourself, and you’ll be in the perfect position to choose the right option for your wedding.




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