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Why clap push ups give you killer chest

Clap Push Ups require maximum power and speed. its not easy at all but with regular practice you can achieve the target. there are lots of progression with clap push . If you do them right you can expect a killer chest burn from engaging extra muscle fibers.

if you are good in regular push ups then easily with some progression you can perform clap push ups. in this blog we will discuss about the progression and benefits of clap push ups.

Any explosive and jumping exercise puts lots of stress on your joints. For this you need to be well prepared for it. Always take the time to warm up your shoulders and wrists to make sure you don’t risk injury.


Benefits of Clap Push Ups

  • Clap push ups targets a special type of muscles fiber. so as you use more muscle fiber it will effect your chest growth. so your chest muscles depends on how much push ups you do and what type of push ups you are performing.
  • Increase explosiveness of your upper body
  • Increase strength and stamina to perform other activities

How to practice Clap Push Up

Practice with your hands on an elevated surface – It will make the move much easier. Although it won’t build strength, it will give you the confidence you need to try it on a flat surface. You can even use the stairs, slowly reducing the incline until you are ready for the floor.

Clap push ups progression

Simply lay down on floor in plank position and do regular push ups and slowly try to lift your body from waste position and do claps ,keep your legs tight on floor while performing single clap position . now comes o double clap push ups . here you have to do same regular push ups but while performing double clap push ups just drag you both feets little bit forward so that your body will get extra balance for standing position and simultaneously drag your feet forward and clap  your hand from front and behind.thus Your goal is to keep trying to push higher and faster, not just do extra sloppy reps.

Take a proper precautions while performing any hard workout or under the guidance of your trainer .Take your time to learn Clap Push Ups, don’t jump right in if you are a beginner. If you are quite good in doing 40-50 regular push ups then you can perform clap push ups and then slowly you can achieve killer chest as more and more fiber will break and more muscles will build.


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