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The Extremely Easy Order Process:

Why Content Majestic Professional Email Writing Service Is Best In USA

Content Majestic Review: Why Their Professional Email Writing Service Is Better Than Others?


Did you lose a client because of a low-quality email? Are you tired of getting scammed by writing services? You might need a hundred professional email writing daily at your company; for various purposes like:

  • Hiring and recruiting people.
  • Tell them about a new product or service to the customers.  
  • Make their purchases the same like as wholesaler.
  • Deal with the clients friendly.

While many people to be the best professional email writing service in the US market, only a few rank among the top five. Today, we are going to review Content Majestic and see how it has emerged as one of the leading brands in America.


About Content Majestic: 

Content Majestic started in 2010 as a US brand but expanded globally in a very short time. They initially offered content writing services like blogs, resumes, press release, and eBooks but soon stepped into other fields of digital marketing due to increasing demand.


Their Services: 

Their myriad of services include:

  • CV and resume writing service.
  • Article & Blog Writing service.
  • Ghost Writing service.
  • SEO Content Writing service.
  • EBook Writing service.
  • White paper writing service.
  • Press release writing service.
  • Product Description writing service.
  • Professional email writing service.


The Extremely Easy Order Process:  

The Extremely Easy Order Process:

No wasted efforts on calling and writing tons of email for order placement. Their easy order process claims along with extravagant customer care, make them highly user-friendly.


Just Order Your Content In Three Easy Steps: 

  1. Fill out the order form detailing the requirements, including number pages, word count, keywords or other guidelines. You just placed an order code which you can use for order follow-up.
  2. One of the writers from the panel starts writing your content according to your instructions. You can contact the customer service anytime to get updates related to your order code.
  3. When your content has done, they will be sent to your email address. You can check, request for revisions and leave feedback.


The achievements of Content Majestic:  

Why is CM the most trusted company? The main reason behind this achievement is the number of awards they are entitled to, including:

  • Top 20 Content Marketing Clutch Agencies 2019.
  • Best Professional Copywriters 2019.
  • Number 6 SEO Copywriting service Agency ranked by the top in search engine.
  • Top Content Writing Agencies 2019 certified by UpCity.  
  • World’s Best Workplace 2019.
  • It’s ranked as 3rd best professional email writing service.  


Why Five Star Rating For CM Professional Email Writing Service? 

The Extremely Easy Order Process:

A survey conducted by CM Research and Development Department showed that 8 out of every ten customers rated their professional email writing service five stars. When asked the reason, they briefed the following reasons for it:

  • They write 100% original content. – Brook Mayor
  • They have the best customer support! – Meredith Scarr
  • All my emails were delivered on time! – Haley James
  • They understand my requirements like no one can! – Alex Runo
  • Every order is diligently edited and proofed. – Sean Kipps
  • They never charge me for revisions! – Penelope Gills
  • I receive copyrights for all my emails. – James White


What Makes Them The Unmatched Professional Email Writing Service? 

Let’s see what makes CM the unmatched Professional Email Writing Service:

  1. Tailor-Made for Every Customer: Every order is written on a new concept for every client. They don’t customise a premade template but write each order from scratch. 
  2. High-Quality Content: Every customer that buys email service from this website says that it is exactly what they were looking for. Though there receive a few revisions on some orders, the quality delivered is up to the mark.  
  3. Skilled US Based Writers: We all know well the strict hiring process of CM. As CEO Eric Dawson said in an interview,

“Resource is the major investment of an organisation. We make sure that we have the best one!” only hire US-based writers with a minimum qualification of Masters and 3 years of experience at the very least. This strict hiring policy allows them to maintain the quality of their work.   

  1. Expert Proofreaders: After writers produce every order, they are thoroughly checked and proofread by expert editors. 
  2. Quick Turnaround time: As quick as 3 hours, CM offers one of the fastest turnaround times, even on bulk orders. It type of benefits those who frequently encounter urgent requirements.


We hope that after reading this article, you would never take the risk of getting scammed by other services. So check out the CM email writing services and share your feedback on their website!


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