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Why you Should Include these 2 Veggies in Your Diet

Unless you are a vegan, there are chances that after looking at the word vegetable you might have thought to skip this article. But what I am going to tell you will change your mind. 

Vegetables have been the oldest source of food for humans. There are over 15000 different vegetables out of which we only eat a few. We even skip those, this is why the current generation who avoid eating green foods is having some serious health issues. 

If you are a vegan and someone who loves vegetables,  always keep powdered vegetable broth with you. It will help with your untimely cravings and they provide an equal amount of nutritional benefits. 

Here are 2 vegetables that you should include in your diet right now:



As elegant as it looks, broccoli is a quite popular veggie. It has high nutrition properties that prove to be amazing for your health. If you like cabbage or brussels sprouts then you will love broccoli as well. They belong to the same category although broccoli is more nutritious than the other two. Broccoli is rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and iron. It also provides a good amount of fiber that is good for your digestive health.  Most people eat broccoli raw and some prefer to eat it after a little steam. I would suggest that you should also eat steamed veggies, just dont overdo it. 


  • It will lower your cholesterol levels
  • Helps with vision
  • Prevents heart disorders
  • Prevents cancer



The oldest veggie on earth is a carrot. Some have said that is was found in the middle east and some say that it was discovered in Afghanistan. Carrots used to look a lot different before then they look now. This orange crunchy veggie used to be purple and with lots of roots. During the mid 16th century carrots used to be white and red. The early carrots tasted like wood, but with time human-engineered it and now they look like this. Carrots are rich in beta carotene, or you can say they are rich in vitamin B. it is good for your skin and vision. Carrot contains a high level of anti-oxidant that is good for your heart health. 


  • Prevents cancer
  • Vitamin B helps your skin.
  • Improves vision
  • Controls blood sugar level
  • Controls blood pressure

Last Words:

By including vegetables in your daily diet you can see numerous beneficial changes in your health. Your skin, hair and digestive health will improve on a great scale. You should also make the vegetable broth a part of your daily routine. Replacing healthy foods with non-healthy food can turn out to be very beneficial for your health in the long run. I would suggest that you should include such foods in your diet. Even a small amount of veggies in your diet can do wonders. So head out now, get yourself a bunch of different veggies and include them in your diet.

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