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Oily skin is a big problem for women since long time.skin become oily due to overproduction of sebum from sebaceous gland which is located under the skin surface.so we tell you about women top 5 face wash for oily skin,it has been seen that oily skin become frustrating when their is accumulation of excess oil on the face.production of oil on the skin become a huge problem during summer.

Due to excess secretion of oil,their comes other problem on the face as appearance of acne, blackheads,white heads,enlarged or clogged pores etc.

Their is also appearance of skin-bumps on the face due to deposition of dirt and pollution on the face.

If one side oily skin have so many problems but it have some advantage too.oily skin tends to age better and as the age increases it develops less wrinkles than dry and normal skin.so it is not bad.

So by improving some habits you can control production of excess oil,and get flawless skin.

Causes of oily skin-

  • Genetic reason. If your parents have oily skin then  you must be inherited with oily skin and more susceptible to acne and clogged pores.
  • Everyone wants to look younger and beautiful,so for the search of their dream they use many products ,cleansers on their face.scrub their face too much due to which skin get damaged and overproduction of oil occur.
  • Weather changes also increase production of oil on the face.rise in heat and too much humidity ,spring,winter season increases oil production.
  • Hormonal birth control and hormonal replacement medicine make skin dehydrated and thus the result is excess production of oil.
  • Women faces hormonal changes in different stages of their life so these hormonal changes often accelerate production of oil on the skin
  • Use of incorrect makeup products and cleansers leads increase production of oil
  • Taking too much stress  also increases the oil production as stress triggers the secretion of hormone androgen which increase oil production
  • Biotin deficiency is a natural disorder.it is a part of vitamin B family.

Tips to control oil production-

  • Wash your face 3 times a day with lukewarm water,this will help to remove excess oil and stop acne formation.
  • After washing with warm water splash cold water on the face,this will close the open pores and maintain the ph of the skin
  • Scrub your face once a week to remove dead skin cells,excess oil.scrub can be prepared in home or you can buy it from your cosmetic shop
  • Toning is important step for oily skin.tone the skin to improve blood circulation to the surface of skin.toning with suitable toner close the pores,refreshes the skin and glow the skin.
  • A gentle face cleanser can dry the skin so after washing miniaturization of skin is also essential.but the moisturizer should be light weight and oil free.
  • Use of appropriate sunscreen is also necessary.sun protection is essential  for any skin type.for oily skin sunscreen should be gentle and light,and it should not clog the skin pores.chose sunscreen between 15 to 30spf.
  • Use  fuller’s earth or multani mitti once a week,as it works as a natural cleanser and skin purifier.

Top 5 face wash for oily skin


1.CeraVe foming facial cleanser

Product specification-

  • It has complete line of therapeutic skin care to cleans and moisturize skin
  • It contain 3 essential ceramids(1,3 and 6-ll) which is needed by healthy skin.
  • This creamids helps to rebuild the skin protective barrier and locks in moisture all day
  • It cleans the face gently and remove excess oil without disturbing protective barrier.
  • It is non irritating,non comedogenic,non drying product.
  • Hyaluronic acid which is present in this face wash attracts necessary moisture.
  • Niacinamide helps to calm the skin
  • It won’t clog the pores.
  • Maintain the pH of the skin
  • Foaming action gently refreshes the skin

Direction to use-

  • Wet the skin with luke warm water.massage  gently with cleanser into skin in a circular manner and rinse .

Price-(8$ -15$)


2.Concept skin

Product specification-

  • This is a USA brand
  • Natural oil free face wash with vitamin c, and aloe.
  • Foaming gel deep cleanser yet doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Remove impurities from the skin and maintain the pHof the skin
  • After use of this product your skin looks fresh and vibrant longer
  • Unclog the pores thus skin feels healthy
  • Natural product like aloe,withch-hazel,cucumber,oat,amino acid and wasabi roots are used in this face wash thus clean the face deeply,boost cell metabolism.make skin soft and impurities free
  • Ylang ylang oil,orange oil and saga help in reduction of skin irritation and blemish the prone skin.
  • It normalizes the sebaceous gland of the skin thus control the oil production
  • Prevent from clogging so minimizes the pore enlargement
  • Cajeput and lemon grass slow down the excess oil production,improve oxygen supply to the skin
  • Lavendet oil and cinnamon bark moisturizes and tighten the skin thus the pores minimizes and oil production reduces

Direction to use-

  • Take some amount of face wash to the palm of your hand,add few drops of  water,massage in a circular manner and wash gently.rinse with water.
  • For better result after washing of faced use its oil control toner and oil control lotion.



3.Cetaphil oil control face wash

Product specification-

  • It is clerically proven that it remove all the impurities ,surface oil,and makeup
  • It contain zinc technology which makes skin smooth and non irritating
  • It is especially formulated to make acne prone skin and oily skin feel fresh.
  • It removes excess surface impurities and dirt in a single step.
  • It is so friendly that it clean and moisturize and also protect the skin without irritating them
  • It is so soft and gentle that after washing with this face wash one can feel awesome and best.
  • Its foaming formula maintain pH balance of skin.
  • It leaves no clogging residue behind.
  • Foam wash contains zinc coceth sulfate a mild surfactant that gives gentle and effective cleaning.
  • It is safe for acne prone skin.
  • It is hypoallergic,non comedogenic and non acnegenic so it can’t break or irritate skin.
  • It do not contain soap or parabens

Direction to use-

  • Take some amount of foam on the palm of your hand.add some water and make a massage this gently onto the  damp skin.rinse with cool water.
  • For better result use it’s moisturizer SPF 30 after cleaning.


Rating –☆☆☆☆


4.Desert essence face wash

Product specification-

  • It is gentle and soft face wash.it leaves skin feel clean and silky.
  • It contain Tea tree oil that is a natural antiseptic which leaves skin feeling thoroughly clean and oil free.
  • It contain the extract of Goldenseal,Hawaiian white ginger,and essential oils and also chamomile.
  • It contain bladderwrack which is harvested from the sea rich in minerals nourishes the skin and make it looks vibrantly healthy.
  • It is free from animal ingredients,animal parabens.
  • Free from artificial dyes and fragrances.
  • Also free from paraffin,petroleum product and mineral oils.
  • It help in improving the texture, clarity,and radiance of skin.

Direction to use-

  • Moisten the face with warm water and gently massage a small amount of cleanser in circular motion onto cheeks,chin, forehead and neck.
  • Continue massaging up to 1 minute and rinse well with cold water.
  • Do this twice a day.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.

Price-(12$ -16$)



5.La roche- pasay effaclar face wash

Product specification-

  • Most suitable for oily skin
  • Dermatological tested and proven for oily skin.
  • Recommended by 25000 doctors all over the world
  • It help to clean the skin thoroughly .
  • It tightens the pore while removing the excess oil.
  • It contain glycerin that maintain moisture .
  • Also contain coco-glucoside that help in cleaning the skin thoroughly
  • This is free from parabans
  • Also good for sensitive skin

Direction to use-

  • Make a lathery paste with water between palms and apply it on wet face,massage the skin gently.rinse with water and dry without rubbing
  • Avoid from eye contact.





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