10 Accessories every men should carry to look attractive and gentleman.there are top 10 accessories that define a alpha man and makes him stand apart from conman man.if want to know what those necessary things are:

Watches: watches are the best friends of every person.but if you know the right way right brand and right color for you it will act as perfect combination for your personality.like when you wearing sports wear .then wear sports watches.when you are in office or business trip ,wear chain watches .same goes

for every occasion.every occasion needs different taste.









Nice tie: just like watches ,wear a nice tie on different shirts that defines your personality. like party wearing ties are very fancy.but its should not be wear on casual or formal or semi formal its all depends on occasion


Wallet: men should carry a lather wallet to  gave a strong indication of alpha man to women.according to survey 70% women will fall for men who carries a nice lather wallet.all its shows your financial status











Perfumes: when it comes to perfumes its all about fragrance.a pretty women always looking for men with good fragrance body. all you have to carry a good body perfumes to fell fresh all the time.and one should know the perfect fragrance according to there body types.

Messenger bags: every men should carry a messenger bags to carry his important documents along with his accessories .you never know when you require all the accessories.one should always be prepare with his tools for business meetings or for any other occasion.


Socks: The most important thing men should carry .a nice pair of socks.sometimes your socks makes you feel embarrassing among all . always wear ice 100% cotton socks with good texture which matches your shoes or garments


Belt: another important thing is good looking belt .women always looks your  attire .so always carry and wear belt which matches your outfits. for casuals always wear leather belt and color according to your shoes


Cufflinks: are another important elements ,a men should never miss. for a meeting purpose or for parties you should always wear a nice cuff links .it always add extra smartness to your personality and will show your status among others


Sunglasses: sunglasses are of various types but one should always know there face structure type.and always wear sunglasses according to your face type. like person having diamond shape face structure should wear aviators of any color. same as oval face structure men should wear wayfarer type glasses  .

Hanker chiefs: one should carry a good fabrics of hanker chiefs with decent colors. all these essential things defines ones personality



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