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2 kVA generator load capacity

The 2kVA generator is used to deliver energy for small domestic devices and small commercial agency shops. The diesel generator is eco-friendly and the generator offers uninterrupted temporary electricity deliver with high gasoline efficiency. The sound generated via the generator is low. The generator is available in the market with different famous brands.

The load capacity of the 2kVA generator:

The generators of 2KVA are the same as 2 kW or 2000 watts. Add up the wattage of all the home equipment you wish to use at the identical time. This will want to be less than 2Kw. You may need to be selective which loads you can perform at anybody time to keep the load beneath 2Kw.

But this relies upon upon what sort of load you are connecting to the generator. Motors and many commonplace lights fixtures might also have low power. This will lessen the load you could connect to your generator.

An AC compressor motor will need additional capacity from the generator because the initial starting present day is generally 6 -8 times the full load contemporary of the motor for a 2nd or two. If your generator isn’t able to supply that initial current then your AC will now not begin and this will ride the generator overload.

A 2000 watt generator could strength a 500-watt deep freezer and one element of the electric stove. Or you could run the freezer, prepare dinner with a 650-watt microwave (the use of a thousand watts), and a few lights.


Price list of 2kv generator:


Brand Name starting Cost (Approx.)
Honda Rs 40275/Piece
Kerosene Rs 55000/Piece
Mahindra power Rs 78000/Piece
Portable petrol generator Rs 48000/Piece


2KVA Silent Kerosene Portable Generator:

2KVA Silent Kerosene Portable Generator has excellent efficiency with long service life. It has become a necessity of all commercial domains for ensuring trouble-free working in case of grid failure. The fuel efficiency of the DG sets is highly appreciated. It has been equipped with an oil alert system & fuel level gauge. To ensure high durability & complete reliability, Silent Kerosene Generator is provided with a protection device for an overload condition.



  • Comprises voltmeter
  • Good fuel tank capacity
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Overload protection
  • Fuel level gauge
  • Lpg/png gas compatibility
  • Oil alert system
  • Voltmeter
  • Digital meter
  • Costar wheels


Things to take care while shopping for a 2 KVA generator

Before shopping for a generator continually get certain the generator has been fine examined with a load bank for proper procedures previous to shipment.

  • The 2KVA generator ought to be washed, easy, and visually test.
  • One of the first matters to consider when installing a generator in your home is what type of gas supply you want it to run on.
  • The 2KVA generator is to be well maintained and all fluids and filters need to be in the right position. The continuous everyday provider is generally the duty of the clients however the organization needs to ensure that the responsibility is ordinary upon and understood.
  • Check the carbon monoxide producing stage of the generator. Always perform generators outdoors and far away from buildings, homes.
  • Choose a reliable dealer for getting a brand new 2kVA generator.
  • Make positive the provider gives all the proper add-ons to use the generator safely.

Benefits of Silent DG units

When in comparison to other strength backup centers like Battery Inverters and Petrol Generator sets, silent Diesel DG units clearly have huge benefits. These lead them to the gensets of choice among a wide range of enterprises and those around the world.

You should buy Standard the Diesel Generator of the finest extremely good and rest assured to get outstanding in terms of both sturdiness and performance. A Genset is to be had for numerous types & designs to maintain the continuity of strength to your workplace.

  • Delivers energy quickly and automatically during a blackout
  • Allows owners to perform their homes, such as heating and cooling systems, televisions, computers, and other appliances
  • Allows homeowners to preserve consolation and protection levels for the duration of emergencies
  • Protects the house from risky voltage fluctuations and surges while the strength returns
  • Operates safely at some stage in man-made and natural disasters
  • Affords house owners peace of thoughts by ensuring their cherished ones are safe during instances of emergency


Once a backup generator is installed, a property owner does not need to worry about being stuck in the freezing cold or darkish again. Additionally, it can also add value to a domestic and protect the circle of relatives by retaining the strength on in an emergency. The 2kVA generator is suitable to apply for small appliances of homes, shops, and showrooms, etc. The diesel generator set gives the uninterrupted temporary energy supply. The sound level is likewise low. The powerful engine of the 2kVA generator offers a high strength output.

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