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Websites weave quite a web. Roughly 1.88 billion websites are active on the internet.

Each website is different, yet many websites share website colors in common. When you are developing a website, you have to think about the colors you will use.

What kinds of colors go onto websites? What is the importance of these colors? How can you use colors to create positive emotions and ideas in your viewers’ heads?

Answer these questions and you can create a beautiful and professional website in little time. Here is your quick guide.

Primary Colors

The primary color is the main color that users will see as they browse your company websites. They should relate to your branding in some way. You want colors that generate positive feelings and encourage the viewer to learn more about you.

In general, bright colors rejuvenate the viewer and make your company seem younger. Darker colors can calm the viewer down and create a sense of trust.

A great way to follow branding tips is to create a company logo. Buy a logo creator and design a company logo that includes colors that reflect your business.

Additional Colors

Additional colors will go elsewhere on your website. They may go on the navigation bar next to your company logo or in the footer.

You want colors that will create a beautiful website color palette without being too jarring. Color complements are a good way to build a nice palette. If you use blue, select orange.

Background Colors

Background colors go into the background. Your text, graphics, and logos will go over these colors. You must select one that will let your elements be visible without straining your viewer’s eyes.

Most companies select a muted version of their primary color. This can build your branding, but you may have to put an overlay on your text so your viewers can read the words.

If you are concerned about this, you can select an off-white color for your background. A light shade of gray works better than pure white as it will not strain the eyes.

Typeface Colors

The typeface color is the color of the text on the screen. Nearly all companies choose a light shade of black, and you can opt for this. Yet choosing a gray text can make your text more inviting.

Do not make your text any other color, as it will become hard to read. The only exception is when you want to highlight important pieces of information or links. You can make this text bold or blue.

The Essentials of Website Colors

You should put thought into your website colors. Pick a primary color that will build your brand and leave a positive impression on your viewers. This color should go into your company logo.

Complement your primary color with two or more additional colors. Try to create meaningful contrasts that don’t repel your viewers’ eyes.

Your background color should be basic, allowing a viewer to focus on the elements on the screen. The typeface is black, though you can experiment with gray.

Colors are just one aspect of website design. Read more website design guides by following our coverage.


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