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If you are worried about back pain ? we will tell you about 4 best back stretching exercise.as we all know  In a fast paced world , we all have hectic schedule with lots of workloads and we still busy accumulating money for ourselves. keeping aside our fitness ,just want to run and earn money as much as we can .but  we forget that body is also a kind of machine and we have to take care of each body parts to remain fit .As we become older our body slowly become dull and weak and at that particular time when our body gets surrounded with diseases then we tends to pay attention and start doing exercise.

but if we give 10mts. daily to our body .our body will able to tackle all diseases as we grow old.thus one have to make a habit of doing exercise for his/her body fitness, we all require to be fit mentally and physically.and if our body is not fit then we have to face lots of diseases like arthritis  ,back pain, hair loss, blood pressure problem,diabetes etc. thus to prevent diseases one have to take care of his/her fitness.

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Reason :talking about back pain, this type of disease is very natural among both men or women. and the reason is stress,anxiety,obesity or  prolonged sitting in front of systems in offices in a inappropriate manner or sitting with wrong body posture. but there are certain exercises and asans which helps to eliminate our back pain.lets see we came up with “4 best back stretching exercise to relieve back pain”



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pull ups are the best exercise for making upper back strong .hold the bar with both the palms and try to pull yourselves to the height of the road and it will effect your upper back and improves your upper back muscles.



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This is the best exercise for everyone to get relief from back pain. hold your legs from the back of your body and try to stretch your back towards the roof at your maximum level it will stretch your back muscles at it best .try to perform this activity daily for at least 2 minutes to get relief from back pain and got stronger back.



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Arm leg raise is one of the most effective back exercise for back pain as it will stretch your muscles from arm to legs.to perform this exercise one have to stand on his/her leg or knee and stretch one arm and one leg and shuffle the activity on other side for at least 3 minutes and check the effectiveness on your back.



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Another simple activity to perform by men/women ,a complete back stretching exercise to get relief from pain and keeps your back muscles strong. to perform this activity one has to put his/her forehead downwards with knees folded and stretch hands in front .hold for 2 minutes and repeat .this is a complete back exercise.


Thus to get stronger back muscles one have to do these basic back stretching exercise for better results.


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