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5 Application Tips For A Career In Online Marketing!

An online marketing course is a new approach to a modern and promising way to promote a product, company or something else. The need for the insights of an online marketing course is growing at all job levels. It may sound strange, but taking an online marketing course requires broad knowledge and good education in various aspects. This helps you to own a good SEO, Digital marketing and Web design company.

Tip 1. Personalize – Illustrate yourself

We all now agree that data-driven marketing is a must for any business. The right message must reach the right person at the right time. Yet it is time and again proves how difficult it is to practically apply personalization in online marketing. Not only do you need the right tools (such as marketing automation), but it will only be successful with a well-thought-out marketing strategy. 

As an online marketer, you are involved in that personalization: first by delving into the various tools to later grow into an advisory role at a more strategic level.

If you are going to apply for a job within Online Marketing, show your side: make as specific as possible why Online Marketing suits you and why it appeals to you. Maybe an open door: I still often receive applications from starters with the motivation: I want to do a traineeship, I want to work within online marketing or get the best out of myself. 

Make it your own! Take a look at marketing blogs, twitter or our webpage: what appeals to you and why would you want to keep this up for the rest of your career? We would like to know.

Tip 2 Online presence

Online you have even more options to present yourself to your possible new employer. On LinkedIn, you must have the most recent experiences and training on your profile. You may also wonder whether recruiters should be aware of your babysitting jobs and newspaper districts. Make sure that your profile on the internet gives a professional picture of your qualities and is relevant for your future employer.

Tip 3 Discover your passions and your strengths

There are so many places where you can work, but what suits you? If the environment in which you do the work fits in well with what you find important, the work will automatically become more fun! We use the TMA method in the application process to provide insight into this. There are also several free tests to see for yourself what kind of environment suits you. 

We believe it is important for our organization that our colleagues are ambitious; to continue to grow a step further, dare to take responsibility for actions and enjoy working effectively on a joint result. I always find it much better to read examples of starters who have already had experience developing their talents further in an internship or side job than just hearing what you think your talent is.

Tip 4 Get one of the Google Certificates

A nice way to get acquainted with the online field is to take a look around the Google Academy for Ads or Facebook Blueprint. Google and Facebook remain two of the larger players in Online Marketing: but how does the advertising part of Google or Facebook work, where is the challenge to set up campaigns and how can customers make optimal use of it? A good tip is to do the Google Fundamentals: it is free, you immediately have basic knowledge and you get a certificate which is, of course, good on your CV!

Tip 5 Visit an in-house day

How do you know if a company suits you? Then you have to make sure that you find out. And that is possible by asking what you think is important in a job interview. It is not a one-way street. But visiting an example in-house helps with that. 

Now is the perfect time to take a look in the kitchen and to hear from current colleagues how they experience working at the company, to ask all your questions in a non-binding manner and to taste the atmosphere within a company. We also like to welcome students several times a year so that they can find out what it is like to work at an online marketing agency. It is exciting to go there, but walking around gives a better picture than a website!


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