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5 Best Emulators To Play PUBG On  Mac OS


As we all know, Mac users always find difficulties while playing games on their laptops or Pcs. This problem is persisting in these Apple products due to their OS that is not supporting these applications. But to solve this problem, some game developers have created emulators for Mac users to enjoy games like Pubg on their Desktop or laptop and learn how to easily play iOS games on your Macand enjoy.


But firstly, emulators are that software which helps in running those softwares on the laptops that are not supported by the OS. The emulators open an Android device that uses the computer’s graphics and processor and uses the emulators’ software capabilities. This will help in downloading and playing Pubg Mobile to Mac and Windows users.


On the internet, various emulators provide their services for playing Pubg or using any app that is not available for the Mac OS. Still, not all emulators are much optimized for a better experience and smooth gameplay. In this list, it would be in from best to average order, which means that the 1st in the list is best and the last will be the average one. 

So, there are these five best emulators that a Mac user can use to experience seamless and smooth gameplay.

1. Gameloop

This emulator is placed on no. 1 position in this list as it is considered the best emulator for providing Pubg for free, and it is lag-free. As this emulator is different from the Mobile version, so the controls are also various. Ideally, the player needs to practice for a while and remember the keys of action.


To download the emulator, go to the official site of Gameloop, and after that, download the install, and the player can enjoy the experience.

2. Nox Player

This game is designed to boost the capability of playing any game on your laptop or Desktop. This emulator is designed in such a way that any Mac user can play games that are on the Android OS.


This is a competitive emulator for Gameloop emulator as this also provides gameplay at more FPS for smooth gameplay. Downloading the emulator is as easy as going to their official site and then downloading and installing are the next step.

3. BlueStacks

This emulator provides apps, games available on play stores like Pubg, Clash of Clans, etc. This emulator’s requirements are the high graphic card and high specifications for smooth gameplay; otherwise, the person can face lag issues. If the laptop or Mac is of the older generation, then the advice will be that try downloading some other emulator as this will cause lag and crashing due to its high requirements.


The official site of BlueStacks is available for downloading this emulator for free. After installing, a login is required in the Play Store. After that seamless experience of Pubg and other applications can be experienced.

4. Andy

This emulator provides the same features as the others, but it also provides two additional features that are interesting to use. These features are data syncing and mobile joystick support. The syncing data feature is beneficial. It allows the user to transfer the game’s files from their smartphone to the laptop or pc without even downloading the game or any other application. 


The only requirement is that a game or app should exist on that smartphone.

The other feature provided in the emulator is the mobile joystick so that the player can use the phone as a joystick for playing the game on the laptop, which is quite exciting and unique.

The official site available for downloading the emulator, and then after installing, a login is required in the Play Store. After that, the seamless experience of Pubg can be experienced.

5. Menu play

If you have an older generation Mac laptop or pc, which does not support the high-quality emulators and the games are causing the lag issue and are not stable. Menu play is the best emulator for your laptop or Desktop. This emulator does not require high-quality graphics, and it can work efficiently on devices with lower specifications. It can also work on the device without the graphic card; the only requirement is a 4 GB ram. 


The frame rate is not as good as the other emulators, but it will provide an enjoyable gameplay experience. The downloading file for this emulator will be available on their official website. After installing a login on the play, the store is required, after which the player will be able to play PUBG or use any other application on their Mac laptop or desktop for free.


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