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5 Luxury Experiences To Have In India

India is a beautiful land with various shapes and sizes. The length and breadth of this vast and incredible country is filled with a variety of breathtaking places, spelling venues and locations. Ahead is our list of the top 5 luxury experiences in India. Take a look…

  1. Beach Fun in India 

Beaches of India in Goa are great for going to give the best fun. There are some of the lovely things that are waiting for you at the beaches and that is going to give the best experience of your life in terms of luxury and fun. 

Specialty: Goa is one of the most loved tourist places for both foreign and domestic travelers. You get to see the carnival at Christmas time and also experience water sports on incredible beaches.

Facilities: you can get to stay in some of the best and classy resorts with swimming pool and delicious food options. Alcohol is also quite inexpensive so you can enjoy in your time is disco and casino. 

  1. Moonlight experience at the Thar Desert 

Thar desert is having two-sided beauty, one in the scorching heat and the other one in the moonlight. A trip at the Thar on the full moon day is going to give you a wonderful experience. 

Specialty:Thar desert offers desert fairs and festival which is exciting and colorful. Also enjoy desert camel safari. 

Facilities: Thar desert is one destination that provides great staying options from luxurious hotels to tents with world-class amenities. Book Maharajas Express train to experience Thar Desert in luxurious way.

  1. Eco-friendly tourism 

Trips at the orchid forest or at the Sundarbans or at Bauxur forest are going to give you an utter experience. Luxurious resorts in the middle of the forest are going to give the best experience of forest life and also the luxury. 

Specialty: India is blessed with many natural resources and incredible animals. To watch these wild animal you need to take Forest jeep safari. 

Facility: to increase tourism Indian government have established many luxurious resorts with world-class amenities for comfortable stay of travellers. 

  1. Luxurious Resorts and Hotels 

Luxurious hotels and resorts at the lap of Himalaya or at the river banks are going to give you wonderful experience too. You can attach different other activities with resort experiences and other things. 

Specialty: Staying at Himalaya range and onthe riverside, you will get to enjoy indoor games, village treks, riverside picnic, Ayurveda center, and many more activities. 

Facilities: the cottages and resorts are equipped with wonderful amenities and also they are designed with the natural and salubrious environment for your comfortable staying. 

  1. Staying at Treehouses 

Beautiful Sal forests with wonderful treehouses are the last thing that is going to add some experience in you, which you would never forget. Experience all the things with the utmost luxury and aristocracy. 

Specialty:Staying in treehouse resorts is one of the experiences that you must try before you die. The treehouses provide royal and luxurious stay right middle of the wilderness.

Facilities: Tree house options are offered by some of the famous resorts where you will get to enjoy all the necessary amenities along with unmatched views of valleys and hill towns. 

There are different other things that you can experience in India. Out of all those, the most luxurious are stated above. 

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