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5 minutes Full body workout

One it comes to fitness then there are endless number of exercises available to train your muscles.Awlyas make Sure you know the basics you know the basics.

Always prefer workout that targets multiple muscle groups and gives you the practical strength and muscle tone to meet your fitness goals. To do such workout we have to research more on techniques and basics.

If talking about trend. Home gym workouts are very popular today. where you don’t have to relay on expensive membership fees and havy machines . you just have to focus on your own body weight and start hitting hard.

Focusing on small objects like water bottles, buckets, resistance bands , towels or simple rod can make a big difference in a short spam.

To start with any workout always remember to go with warmup and basic streching first and then slowly begin with light weight or use any light objects at home .

Take a rod and do a basic workouts as I have shown in my video.I tried to cover all basic aspects of workout which I can do with use of rod .This complete body workout majorly focus on muscles like Triceps, Shoulders, Forearms, Back and abs


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