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5 Types of Sarees Every Woman Must Own In Her Wardrobe

Ethnic and traditional clothing brings with itself a wave of elegance and sophistication. One of the top most favorite clothing for women in South East Asia, specifically bangladesh is the very famous saree. This nine yard piece of cloth has been one of the oldest yet most fascinating piece of apparel when it comes to traditional dressing. It has a deeper meaning within its history of roots and is carried on till today and worn as a royal piece of clothing.

Living in a country full of culture, where women hold traditions close to themselves, saree is a definite piece of clothing every woman must own in her wardrobe. From the Light flowy chiffon one’s for daily wear to traditional silk sarees that you can wear at wedding functions or the hand woven cotton beauties, a good saree makes a strong impression a makes a woman the center of attention in any formal or casual affair.

Below you can find 5 different types of sarees that every woman must own in her wardrobe.

Classic Georgette Sarees

Classic georgette sarees can be your go-to-attire if you’re looking for an easy to wear saree that will allow you to move around freely keeping you feminine and ethnical at the same time. Believe it or not, a georgette saree can be your perfect fix if you’re travelling or stepping out for a casual dinner or attending a traditional wedding reception.

Bengali Banarasi Saree

One of the most desired saree type, where woman and girls always have one of these; a benarasi saree has a strong mughal influence in its design. The intricate intertwining floral and gold work is a complete blend of hand woven and it seems like you’re owning a piece of art and history rolled in six yards of absolute pleasure. It’s perfect to wear at wedding for festive occasions. Its border work is gorgeously designed with a narrow fringe like pattern like a string of upright leaves called Jhalar. This is a signature of banarsi brocade.

DhakaiJamdani Saree

Adding to this list, the traditional dhakaijamdani saree represents the artistic textile of the bangladeshi culture. These types of sarees are ethnically woven around dhaka district and also on the knitting central of loom. Jamdani sarees are women with fine muslin cloth having decorative motifs woven on the loom. These sarees are traditional woven with organic dyes especially in grey and white colors that make them super comfortable while draped in formal occasions.

Classic Chikan Sarees

Chicken sarees also known as lucknowichikankari sarees look adorable when draped with a blouse blended seamlessly within the saree. These chikan sarees are usually woven with with the chikan stitches and are usually adored in summer colors. If you’re a type of woman always looking for a super casual, soft and daily wear saree then chikan sarees can easily be worn at work places. Not only in formal affairs butchikan sarees can also be worn for an evening event or a casual night out with your friends.

Punjabi Phulkari Saree

This type of saree is originated from the concept of traditional artwork especially known for its even flower work within fabric. A phulkari saree is encompassed with the intricate thread work in bright hues in ethnic shapes and patterns. The embroidery is usually done on either cotton blends or khadi fabrics and is quite popular to be worn in the spring season, as its light and easily draped around giving the feel of fun and elegance at the same time. Women within asian region adore phulkari saree with heavy pallu embroidery that make any woman standout in the crowd.

Takeaways From This Post

Saree is considered as one of the most elegant dress adored by asian women. It is available in a plethora of fabrics, designs and colors. Usually a saree is worn with a blouse that covers the upper part of the body and underneath is the petti coat which helps to tuck in the pleats of the saree. So, as with the festive season rolling in, draping on the above mentioned sarees can definitely add the flavor of grace and elegance in overall attire of every woman.

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