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6 Must-have Xposed Modules Of Android

The Xposed framework has become a powerful tool that has provided ease of using your Android phone or other devices. It can use small apps that are directly plugged into an operating system just by installing some modules.

This imparts you with control over your phone’s look, and the changes can be undone any time by uninstalling those modules. Modules are something that enables you to become franker with your device by acting as a mediator. You can fix many issues just by puffing your phone with those applications. You can look at this for some best Xposed modules of android. Here we go with a list of must-have Xposed modules of android.

1. Amplify Battery Extender- 

If a long-lasting battery is the core reason for buying your phone and you want to extend it to the fullest, you can safely go for Amplify. It showcases better results than any other app in its competition. Many times it happens, your phone goes through hardships like wake-locks. 

Amplify is a solution. Wake locks can occur due to some apps installed in your phone, making you experience a sizeable amount of battery loss overnight. So now, instead of changing your battery or phone, simply download this module and enjoy the most extended performance of your battery.

2. Awesome Pop-up Video-

 In this world of haste, where everyone wants to get their works done with the most significant velocity, everyone is in the process of becoming a multitasker or has already become one. This app is an impeccable choice to compile with your multitasking nature. 

You can safely work on another app and watch a video playing onto another app. This little window has a big package, as it also provides you with a gallery to choose a video. Here’s good news for people complaining about Youtube, it works on Youtube as well.

3. Chrome-pie- 

As the name itself suggests, chrome-pie eases the usage of your chrome browser. It is simple to use and enables you to use your big-screen phones with one hand. So, now you don’t have to search for those three tiny dots for operating your screen.

This module puts tab switching, bookmarks, and other option within reach of your thumb. Just slightly hold onto any specific area of the screen, and a half pie-like controlling system will appear on your screen; then why it is called Chrome-pie.

4. Settings Editor- 

An ability to adjust your settings’ appearance or adjust their display as per your convenience feels like owning a superpower. We often find it difficult to hunt for a set while we are already occupied with another task. Setting Editor is a solution. 

Now the look of your settings can be customized. If you want to change color, which has the brightest look, you can do that with the utmost ease. Even the size of your setting can be adjusted to impart the desired look to your phone. 

Editing your settings once nowhere means that once they are done, there’s no going back. These settings can be readjusted anytime as per the need of that moment. So now, the hunt for your user settings is over, as you can have them on-screen and prevent a massive wastage of your time.

5. Xposed Edge- 

This a more fantastic version of the Chrome-pie controller; as the chrome-pie controller is mainly designed for chrome, it can be safely used across the entire interface. Now your big-screen phone is under the control and reach of your thumb. It can even assign new functions to your phone’s physical buttons. Unlike chrome-pie browser, they can be popped up on-screen by clicking a specific region. The bottom-right area handles the back gesture, just swipe right to left, and you’re done.

6. BootManager- 

This is an ultra-intelligent Xposed module that can be gifted to your phone. It usually happens when we reboot our phone, as every app has to restart, and your phone takes a lot of time to renew. 

This module enables you to choose the app you do not want to launch, saving your time automatically. It can also be considered an intelligent cousin of task-killer, enabling your less-used app to remain quiet until you need them.

7. Neversleep- 

Battery lovers may not find this module a my-type thing, but unambiguously it can be considered a useful one. You’re often reading a book from a distance or using google search for completing an assessment, but your phone does not support the timing and sleeps like a shirker. This can be fixed using this module.


These modules can make your android develop a supportive attitude towards your work. They are easy to install and are much easier to use. It can even help in fixing problems which you think cannot be set without changing the phone.


There are many more Xposed modules that can be installed as per your requirement. You just need an active and smart search to hunt the module, which can be considered a treasure for your phone. 

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