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6 Ways to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth


Are you a true coffee lover? Does the soothing warmth of a cup of coffee is what makes you happy after a day at work? Then, you are in the right place! We all love sipping a hot cup of coffee during our late winter work or a cold coffee on the hot summer outings. For all the ‘coffeeholics’, the real heartbreak lies in the stains it leaves on our teeth. While a cup of coffee is the best thing that can happen to us, the stain it leaves on our pearly whites is a pain to remove. Initially, we tend to ignore the discolouration. But with time and prolonged use, it becomes troublesome to regain the natural colour of the teeth and guess what, it kills your beautiful smile!



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Why does coffee stain?


When we drink coffee, the outer layer of our teeth called ‘Enamel’ prevents it from going to deeper layers. Enamel is a hard coating that is the protector of the inner layers of our teeth. But the coffee particles get stuck in the micro gaps of Enamel itself if not taken care of which makes it stain the teeth. But, with prolonged ignorance, this extrinsic stain can penetrate into deeper layers causing an inner stain called intrinsic stain which then becomes very difficult to remove. So, paying attention to your oral health and taking good care of it is inevitable in preventing stains.


Let’s look into some tips to help your teeth from staining.



Ways to prevent stains

  1. Use mouthwash every time.

After you finish your cup of coffee, make sure you rinse your mouth properly with a cool mint mouthwash. You can mix it with water to reduce the concentration if you wish to. It is always important to keep it handy so that you can use it whenever and wherever you feel the urge or need to. The mouthwash will make sure the stains are at bay and will remove your coffee breaths too!

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  1. Brush more.
    Though it may sound too obvious, brushing your teeth at least twice a day will help you keep your teeth healthy. It may not be possible to use the mouthwash each and every time you sip your coffee. But if you combine brushing and mouthwash sessions together at least twice or thrice a day, you will notice the difference in the shine. Brushing at regular intervals will reduce any bad breath too.

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  1. Floss on a regular basis.

If you drink coffee a lot, your teeth may stain faster and deeper. Hence mere brushing or using mouthwash will not suffice. Dentists advice flossing to prevent plaque and bacteria. It is because, if no precautionary measures are taken in the removal of the stains, it may quickly turn into tartar. Tartar may result in further infections. So, it is evident that though floss is a time-consuming process, it is required for a better health of our teeth. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you can always choose to get expert help.


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  1. Avoid using whitening strips.

It is always advisable to use natural ways to prevent stains as far as possible. Teeth whitening strips contain harsh chemicals which may affect the coating of your teeth and make them more porous. This will rather work as a catalyst to attract more stains. While it may seem a quicker substitute to other procedures, prolonged use can only adverse your situation. So, sticking to homemade whitening pastes such as a mixture of baking soda and a small portion of hydrogen peroxide will do wonders.

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  1. Drink more water.


Every time you finish your cup of coffee, make sure you have a glass of water. If you have sensitivity, you can use hot or cold water accordingly. This tiny and simple step will keep your teeth white and prevent it from permanent damage.

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  1. Take medical help.

If you have been ignorant till now and suffering from stains and other oral problems, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor. They are professionals and can handle your situation more efficiently using various medical ways. If things are severely complicated with the long collected leftovers, then you may need surgical intervention. Nowadays it has become convenient to provide local anaesthesia or healing medications directly to the affected region with the help of intraosseous drills. Apart from that several teeth whitening, teeth bleaching techniques are there to make your teeth shine. While it is important to take professional help when things are out of your hand but ignoring early red flags will only leave you to face longer dental procedures later on.

image source: https://mysagedental.com/10-signs-need-visit-dentist/



The introduction of sedation dentistry in the medical world has made it simple and easier even for the kids to endure the dental treatments effectively. The dentists who practice dental sedation are trained with a wide range of courses such as the Sedation IV Certificate, Adult Oral Sedation Dentistry, many more. There are also guidebooks, such as the Oral Sedation Dentistry Guidebook, available that enhance the knowledge of the dentists par excellence. With the advancement in technology, dental sedation has become a safe and satisfactory procedure to opt for.

Shiny, white teeth are everyone’s dream. But to flourish your oral health, it is mandatory to take care of it on a regular basis. Regular brushing, flossing, usage of mouthwash and taking necessary medical help as and when required are vital for pearly whites. While coffee is loved by all, moderate consumption and inculcating all the necessary precautions from the beginning is the key to keep stains at bay. All the ways discussed above will surely help you get your million dollar smile back in no time!



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