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7 Men’s Wear You Should Try Out This Winter



We can all feel it- the chill in the air, the crispness of the days, and the temperature dropping. Winter is finally here, fellas. Like the other three seasons, winter welcomes various changes, from cold coffee to hot chocolate, from summer picnics to bonfires, and from thin button-downs to thick chunky sweaters. The season prompts us to pull out our thickest and warmest gear and put it all on, just to keep the cold at bay and avoid catching a cold.

However, layering more than one article of clothing does not have to make you look like a bundled-up penguin. You can still style some trendy (and less trendy) items at a freezing temperature while still feeling warm and snug.

To assist men in looking chic and sophisticated – at the same time – we have compiled a list of 7 men’s must-have clothing items for you to try out this winter.

A Black Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is an evergreen piece of clothing that will never let you down. It is the most adaptable outerwear that can be styled during any fashion trend. The options are limitless, ranging from bold to chic to casual and classy.

When the weather drops a few degrees, pull out a hoodie, crew neck, or turtleneck and layer on a leather jacket.
Leather jackets keep men warm and comfortable in cold conditions while looking edgy. Perfect for a date at a restaurant, a night out with friends at a pub, or a dressed-up party.

Wool Overcoat
A wool overcoat is an ultimate must-have option for winter, even though it is a luxury clothing item that will undoubtedly cost you big money. A great buy to keep you warm and cozy in both windy and freezing temperatures.

To complement all of your winter ensembles, stick to classic colors like charcoal, camel, cream, and navy. These colors look great on men and go well with most clothing combinations.
Have a business meeting? Wear a wool overcoat with a crew neck or turtleneck underneath.
Got a party to attend? A wool overcoat goes well with a traditional button-down and a blazer.
Or perhaps a night out with your friends? A wool overcoat on top of any plain colored t-shirt is a terrifically sophisticated outfit.
However, keep in mind that a good quality wool overcoat will undoubtedly cost you some cash, but it will last you much longer.

The sweatshirt is a timeless fashion item that seems to never go out of style. A sweatshirt’s versatility and smartness are unaffected by new trends, fashions, or changing seasons. They make you feel more comfortable and cozy outdoors and indoors without going overboard. Another perk of sweatshirts is that they are not limited to females when it comes to comfort. Sweatshirts for men are equally comfortable, if not more.
Sweatshirts can be worn with a wide range of winter clothing, including leather jackets, denim jackets, hoodies, and suede.
Every winter, sweatshirts have made a splash with styles ranging from casual to dressy, athletic, baddie, and denim. It is the perfect off-duty item to keep you warm and fashionable during the chilly months.
Elegante has a vast collection of comfortable and trendy sweatshirts for men that will add a touch of class without being heavy on your pockets.

Pea Coat
Add pea coats to your wardrobe if you want to layer up in the windy weather and take your day-to-day outfits a notch up. Pea coats are excellent at keeping you warm in temperatures as low as zero degrees. Fortunately, pea coats don’t look bulky or heavy; instead, they are pretty lightweight and provide total protection from the windy and chilly air.
This double-breasted, sharp-cut coat is the most versatile layering piece of clothing that can be used for several occasions. One feature that makes pea coats appealing is the range of materials, including wool, cotton, and leather.
Try a minimalist look with a plain t-shirt and black denim trousers with pea coats on top, or cover your work suit with a light-colored pea coat.

A scarf is not exclusively a women’s fashion essential. It is often used by men to combat freezing temperatures. Wrap it around your neck or let it hang loose, or style it in a fancy noose around your neck; the possibilities are limitless, and it never goes out of style.
It is good to get scarves in primary colors like grey, off-white, charcoal, beige, and navy. This way, you can wear them with the rest of your winter wardrobe.

Turtleneck and Roll Neck
A roll neck and a turtle neck are the most versatile pieces of clothing that can be dressed up or down. A roll-neck shirt has a high fitting neck that is worn folded over. A turtleneck shirt is similar to a roll-neck but has a high-fitting neck that does not roll out.
Both can be worn with a blazer, a leather or denim jacket, and jumpers. They add style to your look in the winter and give you added protection against the cold.
It would be wise to get a couple of these for your winter wardrobe so you can experiment with different colors and styles.

Flannel Shirt
Mix flannel shirts into your day-to-day outfits for a whole lumberjack look this winter. A flannel shirt is a softly woven piece of clothing that can be worn with anything; a denim jacket, leather jacket, wool coat, and t-shirts, to name a few.
Add texture with a flannel shirt if you prefer a less daring look. A corduroy pant paired with a flannel shirt, a t-shirt underneath, and suede footwear is all about achieving a casual look without overdoing it. Open up your flannel shirt, wear a roll neck or turtleneck underneath, roll up the sleeves for a more dressed-up look

To Wrap It Up
With only seven outerwear options, you can completely transform your winter wardrobe from boring to classic. Whatever the occasion, a single piece of clothing can be turned into classic, formal, or casual wear while adding appeal to your personality with a bit of effort and depth. You do not have to dress drab in the winter to stay warm. Instead, you can keep warm while looking like a runway model. And let’s not forget that a well-dressed man is taken seriously and with respect.
If you feel like you are ready to experiment with a range of unique outfits this winter, these 7 must-have outerwears are your best bet.


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