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Best footwork workout : Increase Speed & Agility with ladder drills

When it comes to improving running speed, performing agility ladder drills is a most effective workout that you can perform at home.this workout will help in various ways like revup your heart rate and increase speed,coordination and footwork like nothing else.Typical agility ladder exercises include skipping through runs, sideways shuffles, and other movements performed up and down the ladder. These exercises help to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons while improving cardiovascular power, coordination, and focus.

Agility is your ability to change position quickly and accurately, using quick, controlled movement and without losing speed.Good agility requires a great deal of coordination, quick reflexes, balance, speed, and correct response to the changing situation. As a runner, this can help you pick up speed at the end of the race, maneuver around rocks during a trail workout, or simply perform everyday activities with ease.


The routine is considered a high-intensity interval training workout because it will force you to push your body hard for short bursts of time and then rest.

Perform each drill three times in a row. Make sure to move down the ladder as fast you can with good form, then shuffle back to the starting position and do it two more times. Repeat

  1. In & Out Ladder Drill :Begin with your feet hip-width apart at the bottom of the agility ladder.Next, hop into the first box, landing with both feet in the center.Then, hop forward to the second box, spreading your legs and landing, so both feet are outside of the agility ladder, then jump to the third box, bringing your feet back to the middle position.
  2. Side by Side Ladder drills :Stand facing the agility ladder. Next, jump into the second box, Then jump backward to the first box, then jump again forward to the third box, then back again to the second box.Keep jumping back and forth until you have gone the length of the entire ladder, then turn back and repeat.
  3. Lateral shuffle speed Ladder drills:Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width to the right side of the agility ladder, then step sideways with your left foot into the first box, follow it right away with your right foot.Next, step sideways with your left foot into the second box then bring your right foot into that box.Make sure to move through the entire length of the ladder touching both feet in each box, while keeping your chest up, back straight and eyes gazing straight ahead of you the entire time.Repeat the sequence in the other direction to complete one rep.
  4.  Two Feet In Each Square Ladder drills  :

    Similar to the single foot in each square, the extra challenge to this move is to also pick up your knees. Think high knees down the ladder. This will push your heart rate further and uses a bigger range of motion.

  5. Cross overs Ladder drills : Two feet step to the side and then continue to repeat down the ladder. The goal is to keep one foot in the square and two feet on the side as you make your way down.To quicken your pace down the ladder you want to stay on the balls of your feet and allow the hips to help with this pattern.

Benefits :

The agility ladder, also known as a speed ladder, improves three key fitness factors—speed, agility, and quickness—in addition to strengthening your joints, ligaments, and tendons.Burns Tons of calories, Keep you mentally sharp,

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