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Best lower body workout at home

Really looking for best lower body workout at home then try my workout style

If you are Doing a regular lower body workout that will really help you to keep in shape specially your  legs, hips, and butt by building lean muscle mass in those areas. You’ll strengthen muscles in the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. and you will feel more stronger once your base is strong

the best leg workout can only be performed in gyms  with equipment like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and machines. But if you don’t have access to a gym or you don’t have fancy machines at home then  don’t worry. I came up with best workouts in my video’s that can help you to achieve your goals for lower body workout

We need to understand that our legs are the wheels that carry our body everywhere .Strengthening your lower body is very necessary because it increase body performance  very well. our legs are part of  lower body, but there are so many variations to what “leg day” can look like. Depending on your goals, the possibilities for lower body workouts are pretty much endless. we need to train them with weights or free wight workouts.
It all depends on age, technique and what is our objective for lower body part workout whether you are looking for muscle building or just normal strength gaining  . The objective is to use more muscle groups while doing workout so try to add various variations in your exercises.


Since knee tucks are a powerful workout and provides powerful results   They can challenge your muscles in ways other exercises can’t, help you burn calories quickly, and increase your strength and endurance. I have covered few Knee tuck jump variations which you all can see in my video. i have started exercise with basic leg stretching which is very essential for lower body .

  1. Simple Knee tuck Jump
  2. Knee tuck box jump
  3. Knee tuck jump with multiple boxes
  4. Knee tuck jump with Heighted boxes
  5. Knee tuck jump with Long jump

Now while performing these knee tuck jump variations we got engage multiple body parts as mentioned:

  • core
  • glutes
  • hamstrings
  • hip flexors
  • biceps and anterior shoulders, thanks to the arm swing that helps power your body off the ground

In nut shell Knee tucks jumps are excellent workout for lower body part and that will benefit multiple muscles simultaneously. such workout gives you immense strength and endurance .Thus having strong lower body part will provide high functioning body.


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