Stretching is very essential part of our body.its is the process of moving the muscles to improve mobility.there are many kind of stretching activities one can perform. stretching not only improves muscles but also make your body relief from any kind of pain we all got during exercises.there lots of benefits from these kinds of stretching activities.

Major stretching benefits:

  • Increased movement efficiency
  •  Decreased risk of injury
  • Increased blood supply and nutrients to joint structures
  • Increased neuromuscular coordination
  •  Decreased risk of low back pain
  •  Reduced muscular tension
  •  Improved balance and postural awareness
  •  Reduce fatique

Now here we will discuss some stretching activities for legs.

1. Hamstring stretch:

Image result for hamstring stretch Image result for split stretch

first most important stretch is hamstring stretch.this kind of stretch can perform in 2 different ways.(1) you can bend on one leg and keep other leg straight in front of you (2) split your legs apart like an straight arrow.Both stretches are a great way to stretch your hamstrings, which are the muscles on the back of your thigh that can cause low back discomfort if they are too tight. To make the stretch more intense, pull you toe towards your body, flex your quads, and reach as far as you can.

 2. Butterfly Stretch :

Image result for butterfly stretch

This kind of stretch is important for groin part stretching. to do this kind of stretch  press your elbows down in an effort to increase the stretch. The closer you put your feet to your body, the more intense the stretch will be. perform this stretch for at least 5 minutes for maximum results.


3. Lying hip stretch :

Image result for lying hip  stretch

To perform this activity.used your hands and grab right knee to pull the left leg towards your body.perform this hip stretching to loose some muscles from hip side .now repeat same activity towards left side and make pressure towards your body .more the pressure you put more your muscles will become soft.


4. Lying quad stretch :

Image result for lying quad   stretch

Of all the stretches listed, this one you may consider doing while standing while holding on to your foot with both hands. I included the lying quad stretch because the theme is doing all the stretching exercises on the ground, but try it out and see what you think. The further you bring your knee backwards, the more intense the stretch. The quadriceps are muscles on the front of your leg.


thus above 4 exercises are best exercise for legs .while performing these stretching try not to pressurize more on muscles do these activity slowly and then increase the pressures.

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