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Best triceps workout for beginners

Looking for stronger and thicker triceps then focus on your excercise and techniques . It’s a upper body routine that makes you stronger.

In my video you will see some very interesting home workouts that will teach you new techniques wile doing workout in and out of gym.

Your triceps is a 1/3 Rd of your upper arms and will help you extend your elbow and straighten your arms. Like pushing, lifting ,driving ,holding etc.

Triceps plays a major role in our body in many ways towards fitness like lifting heavy weights in gym .muscles in your arms helps you to make you run faster. When it comes to pushups, bench press , overhead press and other activities our triceps act as strong muscles to perform all form of activities.

“Triceps strength can definately help with stability and strength of those movements and then increase the overall force output or power potential that you can have”

Our aim is  to get stronger triceps and that we can get only through combination of some compound and isolation excercise. That would include your other body muscles such as shoulder, chest,back arms etc

Its quite obvious that without using gym and fancy workout equipments its quite impossible to get proper workout for arms when it comes to arm days . So I have figured out some home workout for triceps which one can perform anytime and anywhere with just using few things linke rod or water bottles.


1. Grab a rod and place water bottles in it and then try to push down wile lifting up to your chest  position as shown in my video

2. Try to do overhead press with same rod and water bottles hanging in rod like same we are doing in gym.

3. Put bucket under your feet and lie down in pushup position and use bucket as a base and perform activity which I have shown in my video.

Always remember to perform basic streching before doing any kind of workout .

In nut shell Increasing triceps strength brings stability to your shoulders and arms, improves flexibility, and increases range of motion. This prevents injury and makes it easier for you to use your upper body in daily activities.


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