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Performing shoulder workouts at home are quite simple if you have some solid object to hold .The shoulders are delicate and are not easy to target.

Always prefer to schedule some shoulder specific workout into your routine workout .if your shoulders are weak then you can’t come with good results with your chest and back .

shoulders have basically 3 essential parts .front delt, side delt and rear delt. So we have to cover all 3 parts in shoulder workout routine.I came up with a basic workout which will cover all three muscles right there.

One can use weights as we all are doing in gym but what if you can’t effort gym membership or your job is like travelling all the time then at that time you would require some weights to do workouts. here I have given solution to everyone that how you can utilize household objects .

Always remember while performing shoulder workout try to move muscles through their full range of motion to engage maximum muscle fibers. the more pain or more fatique you feel it means you are utalizing more muscles and that leads to more growing muscles

Before doing any workout always prefer to do normal streching that will increase mobility and range of motions within your joints and your muscles will perform better during workout.


1. Grab 2 waterbottels with both hands and stand tall while facing towards wall .brace your core and lift those bottles overhead and lower it slowly back to the start. repeat this activity for atleast 1 minutes with 10 repetition.

2. Now hold the bottles in front of your chest and left them overhead alternative ,rotating your wrists as you go , so you end up with straight arms and palms facing away.

3. In next activity lean your body forward and hold the bottles horizontally and raise them to shoulders height with both hands at same time .pause the top for atleast 2 sec and then put your hands down .

4. At last you can also perform supersets that include every activity with less resting point and you have to increase with higher weight and with goes down with lower weights as you finish your reps but here you can start with water bottel and end up with free body weight workout.

You don’t require a huge weights to start with . you can start with free body weight and gradually increase your weights for any kind of workouts.


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