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If you find yourself feeling the chills more this winter or your home heating system has broken down, you still have plenty of options to help keep you warm, no matter what the situation. In the office, at home or on the go, you can find handy technology that can help you stay warm this winter.


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Heated Mouse/Mousepad

Did you know that your hands and feet lose heat faster than the rest of your body? This is why ensuring they are kept warm if you start to feel the chills in the office is important. Luckily, you can choose several options to keep your hands warm, including a heated computer mouse. This just does what it says on the tin; you can buy heated mice that warm up to a toasty 37 degrees Celsius or 99 degrees Fahrenheit; this just happens to be normal body temperature.

Electric Heated Jackets

If you are feeling extra chilly this winter, you could check out an electrically heated jacket that electronically produces heat that is directed towards your body to make the extra difference and help keep you warm. You can easily place this jacket over the rest of your winter men’s streetwear style to minimise the draft you feel. Most electric-heated jackets have a specific pocket that you can easily slot the battery in to ensure that you always have juice when you need it.

Hand/Pocket Warmers

You can also pick up USB-powered hand warmers that are small enough to fit in your pocket; these can be particularly useful for people who may have medical conditions such as arthritis. But on the whole, this handy piece of tech can make the difference on cold mornings when you are walking to work or waiting for the train; just make sure you keep it charged to avoid disappointment!

Heated Socks

Remember when we said that your hands and feet lose more heat than the rest of your body? Here is your chance to cover another base to reduce the chills you feel this winter. You can choose between socks that are electrically heated or you can find socks that effectively reflect your body heat, which reduces the amount of heat your body loses and helps keep you warm.

Coffee Cup Warmer

If you always find your hot drink going cold before you’ve had the chance to drink it, you should check out a coffee mug warmer. This provides constant heat to your coffee mug when you put it down. It won’t be enough to keep your coffee warm forever but a coffee cup warmer will slow down the heat loss.

Plug-in Miniheater

If you have rooms in your house where, for whatever reason, you cannot install other means of heating, you can buy small plug-in heaters that usually measure less than 30 centimetres. These mini heaters can be particularly useful because you can easily place them closer to you than other portable heaters. For example, you could connect one to a plug on your desk to maximise the amount of heat you will feel.


You don’t have to look far to find useful technology that can help keep you warm throughout the winter, but you should spend some time researching which options are best for you.

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