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As earlier various writers wrote few articles for a newspaper or a magazine and in return they get paid for their work but as time changes everything changes so is content writing. Now content writer not just write an article for some newspaper or magazines but they also write blogs and also something about a product or website and in return they get paid.

So how they get work, they get work from freelancing sites. What is freelancing site it is a platform which offers a job in the various field and one of the various fields are a content writer? This platform also offers good content writers to all big companies and MNCs at good stipends, as on these sites companies can offer the various jobs to interns at their own condition and from this platform they can get absolutely great content writers. So there are some sites which help companies to find good content writer are:-


We’d be completely remiss if we didn’t include up work in this list.  It’s the largest global freelancing platform.  Anyone who has ever hired a freelancer or worked as a freelancer is familiar with this website.

Odesk and Elance have merged to become Upwork.com and is the leader in hiring freelancers and remote tracking software. Here various businesses and independent professional join hand to work on some project or to write about something as content writers. It was earlier known as Elance-oDesk.

The full name of this wonderful website is up work global Inc. Here you can find various types of a wide range of writers. As there are various filters and skill requirement which is very helpful for business person and companies to hire someone on the basis of the above criteria. The selection happens on this website is as follow, first of all, the business person who wants to hire a person he sees an image present on the right side of the screen which shows various filters which help the business owner to select a premium writer at a very affordable price and also on the hourly basis.

Also at the last, the client is selected on his or her previous clients.

These filters that are present on up work help company to find native writers also which help them to communicate or help them to make others understand their views easily in their own language. In order to find a perfect writer for work company have to set some filter and also company person visit various application to select the best person who is fit for the job.

So in order to get started at up work, first you have to make the profile and then post an add on the up work. Publishing on up work will cost you no money however the up work. This site makes money from the freelance income by simply deducting 10 percent from freelancer’s income. So a company must think of it when they make ads.


Guru is a platform that gives various opportunities to amateurs and professional to work in various types of freelance fields.

According to various sources we came to know that Guru has more than 3million+ member which make Guru one of the biggest freelancer platform. This platform very much similar to Up work.

One of the coolest features of this website is that if we want to work on this website we don’t have to leave the website as this website itself provide a platform for work because of built-in project manager app.

On Guru.com, we can do various things like creating agreements, define milestones, tasks on Guru.com, we can do various things like creating agreements,  define milestones, tasks, communicate and share documents. These are the most basic thing in order to complete the blog post, website content and email.

In order to post an add on guru, there will no fees but the site deducts some sort of money from the freelancer. The deduction depends on the plan which freelancer has chosen on the website. It may vary from  5% to 10% depending on the plan.

If a small company or small business are looking for a writer with good content and also with a reasonable price then they should try Guru as this is definitely considered trying. To get started with posting an ad on Guru, you will simply need to create a membership account.

This is the first site which is totally dedicated on selecting content writers for writing articles as well as a blog post-Textbroker is a site designed specifically for businesses which need custom content to help create an online presence.

This is a website which provides multiple options at multiple prices for small business owners. On this website first, you have to purchase content by quality. Content present on this website is rated from 2 stars to 5 stars. More the experience of a writer more you are going to pay per word.

There are various choices through which you can hire a content writer either by commissioning an individual author or by simply hiring a group of writers, or by simply posting an ad on the website which will be available to over 1,00,000 freelancers present on the website.

Text Broker:-

On Text Broker you have to extremely specific about the content you wish to create.

For example, if you choose to write a 3-star blog post then it should be between 400 to 600 words that should be delivered within 3 days.

in order to get started on Text Broker, you have to take a membership account. You can choose to pay based on the package and writer that you hire.

Writer Access:-

It is the second platform which is also focused on helping the small business in order to find freelancers writers. This site is all most similar to other sites which we already discussed.

This site was started in the USA  in 2010 in order to help Freelancer content writers to get jobs. Now, this site has almost 15000 content writers and there are around 25000 customers.

This site has various big clients like Walmart, Salesforce, Iron  Mountain and many more. In order to attract the best writers on their website, they decide to be transparent with rates and they pay writers about 70% for their expertise and 30% to writer access for matchmaking process.

On this website, a freelancer will get from 2 cents per word to $2 per word depending upon the quality of content.


This is a site which is currently one of the smartest content company in the field of industry. This company is not for small scale business company.

 This company was formed in 2011 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and Shane Snow. Their idea was to help companies to make communication with the person through their content so they want to give good content to the companies to make it possible.

So on this website; there are some leading bloggers and content writers who take a good amount of money on hourly or on word basis by giving some exceptional content to their clients.

This site has done many projects with some big companies like  JPMorgan, Marriot, Wal-Mart and many more.

This site has also won the Best content writing platform.

A company who wants to post an ad on the website must not be higher than $ 2500.

To get started on this site you should take membership on this site in order to post an ad on the website.


ProBlogger is one of the most popular and authoritative blogs about blogging on the web. Its founder, Darren Rowse built the blog from 0 to 312,000 email subscribers who read the daily articles.

A way by which blog makes money is by blogging.

It is a platform on which bloggers are looking for a job and companies are looking for bloggers. This website is just for paid jobs, not an online marketplace like up work. In order to post an ad to the job board, you’ll need to pay 50 dollars for 30 days. The quality of writers on this website is high and the pay scale is quite efficient and it also depends on the quality of content and experience of the writer. According to an official survey, there are around 1000 + content writer present on a website. ProBlogger also markets your ads on Twitter with the help of their 42000 followers and also they put your ads on their website at front. These ads are viewed by over a thousand times in a month.

This website also provides jobs based on design, web development, web consulting and marketing.

For posting an ad you have to sign up on ProBlogger page and take membership and enter your payment option.


AllIndieWriters is a Platform which is too much similar to ProBlogger.

As the main concept of AllIndieWriters is to provide work to freelancers blogger. If you are a business person then you have two option.

firstly a business person can post an ad like all the other content writing sites. These sites provide some exceptional writer from 10$ to 1000$. For low email, a business firm can offer from $10 to $100 and for a research paper, a firm can offer about 1000$ to $1500.

Secondly, a firm simply hires a person from a professional freelance writer directory. There are many writers present in this directory and these writers

are good on many topics.

The stipend may vary from experience and quality of content. This platform is started for all Indie Writers but due to the increase in opportunity work expand quickly but still, there are various jobs for creative writers.

In order to post an ad on this website, you have to sign up on this website and also to select the project range then the ad will be visible on this website.


Scribbify is a content marketing agency. While most agencies focus on catering to anyone and everyone who needs blog writing service, Scribbify caters mainly to startups and businesses. They have monthly plans in which they do everything under one service. This is done to remove extra steps for startups. They find content ideas, write content, find images and publish straight to WordPress.


It is also sites which also provide work to a freelancer. The most interesting feature of this website is that business person can know all the detail of writer by their resume and here if a person wants to post an ad then there will be no fees, so there is a chance for a business person to get something exceptional by without paying.

Craigslist:- It is a website which that is devoted to jobs, house for sale, item wanted service, community, and discussion forums. Craig Newmark is a person behind this wonderful website. It was founded in 1995.

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