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Windows operating system is one of the most popular operating systems. When attending an online meeting, watching Livestream, webinar, or watching an informative video, we may come across screens that we wish to revisit again. In such scenarios, you can take screenshots to save the screen content in image format. There is a Windows utility that can help you in this regard.

Yes, Windows 10 and 11 OS versions have an inbuilt application to take screenshots. Snipping Tool in the Windows OS can help you capture the screen content as an image. Sometimes, your Snipping Tool may not work properly. This post will help you with the methods for diagnosing the Snipping Tool not working in Windows 10, 11 errors.

What is a Snipping Tool?

The Snipping Tool is a Microsoft Windows application that can assist you in taking screenshots of your device screen. It is available in all Windows operating systems launched after Vista. It is easily accessible with the Prt Sc button or (Windows + Shift + S) key combination. Let us explore the methods useful in solving the Windows 10/11 Snipping Tool not working issue.

Troubleshoot Your Windows Snipping Tool

Sometimes a malware infection can affect the functionality of your Snipping Tool. You may resolve the Windows 10 Snipping Tool not working issue with simple and logical troubleshooting. Windows OS has an inbuilt utility for doing this.

Step 1: Locate and select the Snipping Tool from the search tab.

Step 2: Invoke the right-click context menu of the Snipping Tool and avail of the App settings.

Step 3: Locate and select the Reset option and choose the choice for repairing the tool.
Step 4: Wait until the repair sequence is completed.
Note: If the repairing process does not clear off the Snipping Tool errors, you can try resetting the applications.

Try Using a Clean Boot

Diagnosing the reasons for Snipping Tool errors can help you in avoiding them. In most cases, a third-party tool or another application may hinder the execution of the Snipping Tool. You can prevent this by opting for the option of a clean boot.
Step 1: Launch the Run window using the Windows and R key combination.
Step 2: Input MSConfig in the Run window.
Step 3: Microsoft configuration utility window will open. Surf through and choose the Services panel in the system configuration window.

Step 4: Put a check on the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ option and then select all the leftover services. Click on the Disable All button to disable all the third-party services. Remember, we are hiding all Microsoft services and disabling only third-party services.
Step 5: Access the Task Manager from the Start menu.


Step 6: Go to the Startup tab on the top, select apps from the third-party publisher and click on the Disable button. The selected app will no longer load when you boot your PC.
Step 7: Repeat the same steps for all the applications.
Step 8: After disabling all the third-party apps, restart the system.

Turn Off the Automatic Update

On some occasions, Microsoft store auto-update can also crash Windows Snipping Tool. You can disable the automatic update option to make your Snipping Tool work fine. If your snip and sketch is not working after update, you can try to roll back the updates.

Step 1: Choose Windows Settings from the Start menu.
Step 2: Search and locate the Date & Time option from the Time & Language option.

Step 3: Stop the automatic time setting choice.
Step 4: Change the date and time manually to a date before the actual date and restart the computer.

Windows Driver Updater Utility

Keeping your system drivers updated can sometimes solve the snip tool error. Your computer’s performance is dependent on its hardware resources. To get faster system performance, you can have the most recent drivers. For updating your system, you can use the system utility or a dedicated system updating tool for pc. Let us learn how we can use the manual method to update our system using Windows driver updater utility.

Step 1: Use the Windows button to bring up the Start menu.
Step 2: Select “Settings” from the menu.
Step 3: Choose the option for Updates and Security.

Step 4: Click on the Check for Updates button under the Windows Update feature to look for any latest updates. It will download all the latest bug fixes, updates and patches.
Step 5: Restart the PC to finish installing important updates.

Update Your Device Drivers Using Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater can automate the process and ensure that all your system drivers are up to date. You can access a wider collection of the most recent driver installation with the Advanced Driver Updater software. The program is offered in two versions: a free edition with constrained functionality and a paid version with more capabilities. This driver updater for Windows PC works with all versions of Windows Operating systems. You can use this program to optimize your system for better functionality and to fix Snipping Tool errors.

Advanced Driver Updater Features

●        Takes a backup of drivers before making any changes
●        Dependable directory for the latest Windows driver updates
●        Ability to restore a functioning driver setup if the current upgrade fails
●        Capability to use authentic upgrades to repair Snipping tool errors
●        Strong computer performance optimization skills
●        Schedules updating checks for the user

Summing Up

Snipping Tools are an essential gadget for all. You can use it to capture your display content as an image which can be viewed later. Sometimes your Windows Snipping Tool may crash due to unknown errors. We should make ourselves technically strong to resolve the Snipping Tool errors. We believe that this post can assist you in this regard. The methods described are tested and found effective so you can use them to diagnose your Snipping Tool.
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