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Everyone knows our body need protein most .would you have a protein in your morning coffe mug or cup?  Seems diffrent but yes we came here with new recipie and that is protein rich coffie and how we can prepare it.as we all know the importance of protein in our musle growth. Fitness lovers simply  loves  protein shakes while hitting gym.

Coffee contains caffeine which energizes the body ,reduces muscle pain and boost metanolism.but coffee when combined with protein makes a special health drink. so,here we will tell you about the health benifits of coffee combined with protein .

 How to prepare coffee protien heath drink

The method to prepare protein coffee shake is very simple .you just have to add 1 teaspoon coffe powder in your sipper then you can add some ice and shake it well while its mix properly and then you can add your favourite protein powder for flavour  and then shake it well. Now your coffee protein health drink is ready.

Now we will talk about the benifits of this health drink 

Supports Weight Loss

If you are looking for weight loss. Then you can prefebly can drink tjis protein coffee. Its good for health .Here coffee protein will boosts metabolism but also fill your appetite.thus you already drink essential drink for your body thus will feel less hungry. According to survey consuming coffee with protein prior to workout promotes weight loss.

Improves Heart Health

Yes, this super drink will help your heart rate works properly .the combination of protein and coffee lowers down the blood circulation , regulates blood pressure ,enhance blood circulation ,lowers bad cholestro. Levels and boost your cardiovascular health. Thus this is very beneficial for your heart health rate.

Improves mental alertness

Caffeine in coffee will make you refresh and energetic  and increase or boost your alertness which ultimetly makes you alert and focused. This shows that when coffee combine with caffeine will boost your mental alertness . Here you can add any form of protein powder for flavour .

Reduces muscle Loss

As we become older our muscles tends to loose tissues and our bones become weak To build muscles, it is important to restrict muscle loss. Our muscles weaken as we age which puts us at risk of several chronic health problems like heart problems, obesity, etc. Protein coffee reduces age-related muscle damage to keep your body healthy and hearty. Thus a healthy diet and proper exercise will give you proven results.

Increases stamina

Every doctor or fitness trainer will advise you to take some nutritions before hitting exercise Exercising with and an empty stomach is not good for your body. Nutritionists advise eating something before the gym session to reap better results. Drinking protein coffee an hour prior to a workout is sufficient to keep you charged for the session. It fuels the body with needful nourishment and stamina to conduct a great gym session

Reduces obesity

Hepls in reduce obesity .Obese people are at a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Comined coffee with protein will provide you better results in weight loss . It is highly likely to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome in people who drink protein coffee on a regular basis. This stimulates faster fat loss to keep a lot of weight-related health complications at bay.


Thus in nut shell, combine coffee and proein will give you acess of benifts . so ,make it a part of your healthy diet.

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