according to source ,a tattoo artist based out of delhi, karan king tattooed his eyeballs inked. hes claiming first Indian to inked his eyeballs. He seems to be liking his new tattoo and is in fact, flaunting it, if his Instagram ,Facebook and twitter .lots of sharing and liking been done on his new pic and its going viral . the 28-year-old tattoo and piercing artist said he went ahead with his decision because he wanted to.  he said. While his attempt at getting inked was successful, he was well aware of the major risks involved in what he was signing up for. “I knew I might lose my eyesight but since I did my homework I went ahead with it. I was so hungry for it that I wanted it at any cost,” he said.

so his passion makes him hungry for what he wants and he did it and hes happy to have his eyeballs tattoo.if talked  about the process,The process of getting a coloured eye tattoo involves injecting your eyes with ink and turning them into colourful view. Though the tattoo requires a strong determination and strong heart for this fantasies. here are few pictures you can see on social media.

in nut shell this process is not so easy to perform its requires a hypodermic needle which is for  for  little improvement but still took some effort to find the right layer to put it into. the immediate harms of the tattoo include blindness while the long-term consequences point to cataracts and infections.


but if you still wants such fantasies to tattooed, then there are some precaution one should always try.

 “Eye drops should be used just to make sure there is no irritation due to ink and one should wash the eyes with cold water regularly for a week.” He also advised staying away from heat, going out in the sun and to avoid doing anything that strains the eyes.

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